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Milk Fireworks

Monday, June 2nd, 2014


My kids created milk fireworks with whole milk, dish detergent, and egg dye. You will laugh when you hear that I found this idea in a torn out page from Family Fun Magazine, and the date on the bottom of the page was over 10 years ago! I grabbed the page and wondered why I had never done this simple experiment that takes less than five minutes.


First you need to buy some whole milk, because you need the fat in the milk for this experiment to work. This might also work with liquid whipping cream, since it has even more fat.

Pour the whole milk into a clear dish. If you don’t want to waste so much milk, you can use a smaller dish. Also take into consideration that you can’t feed this milk to your cat after the dish soap is in it. But if you hate whole milk, that’s where you can put the rest of the carton that you didn’t need: in your cat dish!


Have your kids drip food coloring into the milk. Now pour the liquid soap into the whole milk. Enjoy the show!

You should start seeing the colors swirling around like a tye dyed shirt. The fat from the milk caused the food coloring to float at first, but then the liquid soap broke up the fat globules, causing the colors to expand and swirl into each other!