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How to Pray for Missionary Kids

Friday, December 6th, 2019


Many churches and individuals who support missionaries pray for those missionaries. But have you ever thought of praying for the missionary kids? Because they are more vulnerable to spiritual attack, missionary kids have a higher chance of experiencing despair or rebellion. Having grown up as an MK myself, the majority of MK’s that I knew rebelled against their parents, and many of them today have denied the faith and walked away from God. I have wept over many of these MK’s personally because they were my friends.

Do not neglect praying for the missionary kids. This is imperative for a missionary family to function and thrive for God’s kingdom wherever God has called them to serve. You might not know the struggles that MK’s go through in their lives, so I will tell you how you can pray for them.

Pray that they will not be bitter against their parents for being forced to live in a country where they don’t fit in. Pray that they will have godly friendships that will stand the test of time. Pray that they will not withdraw like a recluse from others after having their hearts crushed by saying good-bye so many times. Pray against spiritual attack, because even if the parents’ faith is strong, the children will have thoughts planted into their minds from the enemy who is seeking to destroy the parent’s credibility and thereby their ministry.

Pray that the girls will not be attacked by locals whose skin is darker, and who seem to think white-skinned girls are stunningly beautiful, even at age 12. Pray that the constant whistles from evil men will not distort the girl’s mind towards men in general and her future husband.

Pray for the MK’s especially as they become teenagers and have to live through all the hormones that come with that. Pray that they will not be tempted to do evil for the sake of fitting in, because MK’s more than normal people, have almost a desperation to fit in that is only magnified by hormones. This makes it nearly impossible to follow God unless their faith is incredibly solid, so pray that God will strengthen their faith and trust in Him.

And pray that the missionary kids will not abandon their faith when they leave home, that their strength and belonging might come from God, and that they will grow in their relationship to God instead of walk away.

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Events Leading to the Missions Trip to Texas

Monday, December 3rd, 2018


This is part 4, a continuation of the wonders of God in reaching the city of Spokane for Christ. God has been sending me all over the city to specific places to pray with people and to encourage them in their walk with Jesus. God does not only send us to people who need salvation, but to believers who need a word of encouragement or of exhortation. Or He gives them vital information that they need.

One evening God sent me into a grocery store. He told me which grocery store, and we had to drive across town to get to it. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went into the restroom. When I exited the restroom, I saw people sitting in the deli area of the grocery store, where there are tables and chairs. God amplified a couple of women sitting in one corner and prompted me to ask them if they went to my church. I did not recognize them whatsoever, but since God gave me those words, I said them.

The lady I was looking at said no, and the lady beside her looked white as a ghost. She said she had been wanting to go to this church I mentioned because a relative had recommended the in-depth women’s Bible studies. She was not a computer person, and when I asked this gray-haired lady that she could google the address of the church, she said she didn’t know how to do that. I left my phone in the car, so I asked the Holy Spirit for the address, and He gave it to me. I wrote it down on a piece of paper. God prompted me to add, “You are going to make it” on the scrap of paper. She asked how much the Bible study cost, and I told her the price, but that if she came, I would pay the price for her books.

Every expenditure I’ve made (including gas to drive around the city) has been exactly what God wanted me to do, out of obedience to God. Since we don’t have any savings and we have two kids in college, this ministry has been a financial strain on our family. Obviously this affects my husband more than anyone else, and his concern is legitimate.

I’ve always been extremely frugal, but one day when I picked up a woman who had been physically beaten by her husband, I took her stuff in my car to her mom’s storage unit so she could move in with her mom. God showed me a clothing store and amplified it to me, to get this trembling woman a new outfit. When she walked into the store, she saw a woman who had been involved with her abusive husband, and it was too much for her to bear. This is why God took us to this exact store.

We had a wonderfully healing conversation, and God caused a restoration to occur. God prompted me to ask her to pick out any outfit she wanted, and that Father God would pay for it. She couldn’t believe it. She got a pair of jeans that fit her and a beautiful blouse. Her abusive husband had led her to believe she had no value, but God said differently.

I called my husband and asked if we could take her out to dinner, and he said yes. I’ve noticed that my husband has the gift of giving; he’s helped people for years, including last year when took three beggars off the street in the middle of the night to get pancakes at a restaurant and filled their car with gas and talked to them about Jesus. In reality my husband and I have the same heart for missions and for being selflessly giving to the point that we are always broke.

The worst expenditure before the trip to Texas (which seems ludicrous based on the fact that we have no money!) was an overnight stay at a hotel for a prayer vigil in the heart of the city of Spokane. My ministry partners and I were specifically led to a hotel where we later found out a Christian women’s conference had just taken place. We prayed and sang praise songs and interceded for revival for the city of Spokane the whole night long. It was exhausting. I did not choose the hotel—God did. He said the name of the hotel loudly into my spirit, in the same way that He has been leading us to other divine appointments throughout the city to lead people to Christ or encourage them. We felt something break through spiritually over the city that night. Because of our obedience (and other people’s prayers), our city is beginning to experience revival.

The morning after the prayer vigil, we were prompted to go to Shari’s Restaurant for a divine appointment. While we were eating, one of my ministry partners pointed out the back of an oriental man, and told us that was the man we needed to speak to. I gathered my courage and asked the Lord what to say. When he returned to his table with two other men, I asked if anyone needed prayer. They said no. Then I asked if this oriental man would pray for us. He said yes and came over to our table. We told him about our upcoming road trip that God had put heavily on our hearts, and I gave testimony of all that God was doing through our ministry for the past month in Spokane.

Even though I didn’t recognize him, this oriental man was a missions leader at my church, he knew my parents who were missionaries, and he knew a board member from a Christian group where I was a board member for two years. He had so many connections in common with me! (This is why God commanded us to go to this specific restaurant, even though we had been fasting all night and normally don’t eat at restaurants and could have gone straight home.)

We asked this oriental man how to get our church to back our ministry financially. Even in the city of Spokane, it was costing my husband a lot of money in gasoline and other incidentals, money we didn’t have. And the cost of a road trip to Texas seemed prohibitive. But he told us we didn’t need money, and that we should just go and stay in people’s houses (and bless them), or shake the dust off our feet of those who reject us. He used lots of Scripture to back up what he was saying, and this random man confirmed what God had put in our hearts to do.

This was just one of many confirmations that led to our short-term missions trip to Texas. Thank you to all who prayed for us!

Tattoos, Hookahs, & Dumpster Diving

Monday, November 26th, 2018


This is part 2 of reaching the city of Spokane for Christ, being led by the Spirit to specific locations to minister to all kinds of people that I would normally never associate with.

People who are refreshing and real hang out in dark places, trying to help those who are in misery and addiction. While paying the phone bill of an underprivileged friend who had no way to pay it, I saw the man behind the counter had a tattoo that said, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” (Psalm 150:6) The tattoo took up his whole arm! We asked him to pray for us, and his prayer was wonderful!

A few days before, God had guided us to a tattoo parlor with a skull painted on the side of the building. Because I’m a sheltered missionary kid who always tried to do the right thing my whole life, I was scared to go into a store with bad people in it. My judgmentalism was sin, and I had no idea how self-righteous and cold-hearted I had been. I certainly never meant to look down on others. I was blind to the ugliness of my own sin.

My ministry partner and I walked through the door of the small building with a skull, and we saw different designs of tattoos and body piercings crammed all over the walls. A man behind the counter came up to us and asked if he could help us. I gulped, and my ministry partner began some small talk about body piercings. Soon we seemed to be wrapping up the conversation, so I blurted out, “We were wondering if you would like us to pray with you—we like praying for people…”

He said yes, and his face was so sweet and beautiful and he came out from behind the counter to hold hands with us. He told us about himself, and that his name was Jeremiah, and after listening to his story, my ministry partner burst out with praise to God saying, “This is all a front for ministry! The prayers you have been praying have been to the one true God, just like Abraham.” She told him how the still, quiet voice in his conscience that helped him to minister to people was the Holy Spirit. We told him how Jesus died on the cross for his sins, and we prayed, and she asked him to pray for us. As he prayed for us, I was filled with so much joy I thought I would burst.

He had been ministering to people who came into the store for years. God would give him supernatural wisdom, and he obeyed the Lord all those years. It reminded me of when, in the book of Acts, people had repented of their sins and had a relationship with God, but they had not heard that Jesus died on the cross for them. They were described as God-fearing people, obeying the Lord with what knowledge they had. In the same way that God sent us to this man at the tattoo parlor, God sent Paul and others to correct and update individuals who had come to God, for example, through the baptism of John.

When we exited the tattoo parlor, I jumped up and down and cried out, “If I had known how easy and fun that would be, I wouldn’t have been scared! O Lord, send us to more dark places, that we might see You shining in those places!” That was my favorite of many places because of the sharp contrast from going in to coming out. I repented of my sin of judgmentalism and asked God to give me a greater love for those who are in dark places.

Less than five minutes later, we were led by the Spirit to a hookah place. I was no longer scared. By the way, this was Halloween night, so we were really bringing Christ as a treat to different places that had candy for trick or treaters. (You must know that I have always hated Halloween and looked down on people who celebrated evil and witchcraft, not asking Jesus what He wanted me to do to redeem the day for His glory rather than look down on people. Once again, I repented of my hardened heart and asked God to change me to become all things to all people that I might win some to Christ.)

Entering the hookah place, we saw a woman with two large dogs behind the counter. My ministry partner loves dogs and was speaking to them. The dogs acted as if my ministry partner was their owner. The lady led one of the dogs out from behind the counter, and the dog lifted his paws and danced with my ministry partner. I was so shocked and exclaimed, “The dog is dancing with you!” She commanded the dog to dance with me, too, and the dog put his paws on my shoulders and danced with me. I’m scared of dogs, so I was in disbelief.

The real owner behind the counter said she had never seen her dogs act this way. Her heart was open to us because of it. (She keeps the dogs behind the counter to protect her.) We talked about Jesus. She said she knew Jesus but she didn’t go to church because she doesn’t like church people. She also judged people who came into her store, and she looked down on them. My ministry partner shared some words straight into her heart that applied to her situation, and told her to tell her clients that Jesus loves them. She said yes, she would. She was still in awe of what her dogs had done and listened to every word we said. When she was convicted by what my ministry partner was saying, I wiped tears from my own eyes. Then we left. We spent the rest of the night ministering at the mall.

On a different night, we were going back-to-back to different places where God led us. My ministry partner asked me, “Where next?” I bowed my head and closed my eyes and asked the Holy Spirit, “Where do You want us to go next?” I saw in my spirit a building that looked like a castle with a tower on either side. I said it looked like it could be a church. By now we had picked up our third ministry partner, and she recognized my description as a church not far from where we were. When we arrived there, I exclaimed that it was exactly what I saw in my spirit. My ministry partner said, “God wants us to park there.” I parked right next to the dumpster according to God’s command, and we saw a man ducking behind the dumpster. We prayed briefly and then got out of the car.

I walked straight behind the dumpster with no fear, telling the man that Jesus sent us. He was dumpster diving, and he had removed some fruit from the dumpster. He said he wanted fruit, and I told him, “I can buy you some fresh fruit from the store. Why don’t you come with us? I can drop you off anywhere you want to go.” He was astounded. We asked if we could pray for him, and he said yes. He had given his life to Christ years ago but had lost his way. After praying with him, he said he was okay and decided not to come with us. “Jesus loves you, and don’t you forget it!” I shouted joyfully while getting back into the car and asking God, “Where next?”

Reaching Spokane for Christ

Saturday, November 24th, 2018


Before I write about our missions trip to Texas, you need to understand the manner in which we have been reaching the city of Spokane for Christ. God has been leading us to specific people all over the city, guiding us in ways that the book of Acts describes. For example, when Philip was taken by the Spirit of God to the eunuch who was reading from the book of Isaiah and not understanding, the man was ready to be saved but needed someone to explain the gospel to him (Acts 8:26-40). Only God knew where this eunuch was located, so He led Philip to this specific location.

This happens over and over again in the book of Acts. Peter is told to go specifically to the house of Cornelius because he and his household were ready to be saved (Acts 10:1-11:18). I’m giving you examples so you don’t freak out when I tell you that this is exactly how God has been leading me this past month and a half, leading to our missions trip to Texas.

The Spirit of God has been leading us to specific locations (turn right, go to the end of the street, knock on the door at the right and tell the woman who answers the door these specific words). Or “Go to this supermarket located at such and such a place. I will point out who you will speak to about Me.” Those of you who have read Corrie Ten Boom’s testimony know that the Spirit of God led her in the same way. She is a modern example of this, in case you don’t believe that God works this way any more, especially in these last days before Christ’s return.

I have had more joy than I have ever had in my life while proclaiming salvation to the lost and encouragement to His saints who are oppressed. When we prayed with a cashier at a grocery store one day, an older woman who worked at the same store came running up to us as we prayed, wanting to be prayed for, too! People are eager and ready for Jesus, and there are not enough workers. If you are reading this, ask God who you can share Christ with, because the time is short before Jesus comes.

The Spirit of God prompted me to go to a specific pawn store and sell something. I did not want to go in because I’ve been a sheltered self-righteous missionary kid my whole life, and I thought evil people hung out in dark places, and I was too afraid to ever go to dark places with the gospel. I forced myself to walk through the door, and the pawn shop was brighter than I thought and I actually felt safe. I was relieved, since I was by myself this time, having dropped off my ministry partners at a different location to minister to someone at a jail. I asked the Lord to amplify the person He wanted me to speak with. The Lord showed me the man on the left behind the counter. (There were three counters, and God had already prompted me I would be praying for a man in this store, so I needed to make sure it was the right man.)

As the man behind the counter filled in the paperwork, I heard in my spirit, “Daughter needs healing.” I asked the man if he had a daughter, and he said his girlfriend had a daughter. I said, “Does she happen to need healing?” He was shocked and said that the daughter had scoliosis and was going into surgery that month. I asked if he would like me to pray with him, and he said yes and reached his hands over the counter and God took over my mouth with a powerful prayer. He was amazed and thanked me.

Later that same day, having picked up my ministry partners, I took the $60 I was given in the pawn shop, and God led us to a specific supermarket. I walked around the store, asking God to amplify the person that He wanted me to pray with. A clean-cut young man with a pony tail was pointed out to me by God, and He prompted me to give him the $60. The man was shocked because he was minding his own business and wasn’t asking for money or anything. And he burst out with excitement, saying that he needed exactly $60 to pay his rent that month, and he now knew there was a God. I asked if we could pray with him, and he was eager for us to do so.

One of my ministry partners was prompted to go to a friend’s house. When we arrived, the woman said she was finally ready to give her life to Jesus. We prayed the prayer of salvation with her and with her teen son, who both got on their knees and confessed their sins. The daughter had prayed for this day to come for her mom and brother, and finally after years of praying for their souls, they gave their lives to Christ!

There are dozens and dozens of stories like this from this past month and a half. My heart bursts with joy at retelling them, so I will continue to list these praises in future posts. All the glory goes to God because without His prompting, none of this would have been possible. “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” Romans 8:14