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Are Christians Moochers?

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

At the risk of ticking off my entire community, here is a letter I just wrote: (name changed to protect the innocent)

Dear Sarah,

I hope you’re not mad about what I said about Christians being moochers, but unfortunately I have found it to be true. Christians expect something for nothing. I have delivered workshops for free for years, and God called me to start my business. And yet, even though everyone’s eyes in my audience dance with joy when they hear me speak, most don’t spend a single penny. One time a vendor table cost me $100, and I only made $80, so I lost $20 and still had to pay tax and cost of product. A woman came up to my table and pumped me for my whole workshop on overcoming math frustration. After taking lots of notes, she walked away, not buying my $5 workshop, and thinking she was godly for not spending money. I felt used.

I guess what made me upset on Sunday is that we tithed twice because the previous month we forgot our checkbook, and by the next week we had no money. So 20% of our paycheck is gone, and we have my daughter’s medical bills. I am not worried about money. God has always provided in the past, and even if He doesn’t, I will draw closer to God by living on the street with my family. What I’m upset about is that if I did not have my Christian business, I would have over $3000 extra. My Christian business is harming my family financially. And yet I get tons of e-mails telling me how women are drawing closer to God because of what I’m posting. To God be the glory. I will continue to follow God even when it hurts my family. But I feel used.

That’s all I was saying. And Sarah, I love you, even if you disagree with me. And I hope that you still love me. Feel free to speak your mind. I was never in it for the money, but I certainly didn’t expect it to hurt my family financially when I was obeying God. My dad said, “Susan, what if God wanted you to start the website, and the only way He knew you would do it is by having your family nearly go bankrupt to cause you start the business? What if you will never make money at this?”

I said, “I will continue to follow God, even if it is to financial ruin.”

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