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Ancient Egypt Unit Study

Thursday, September 9th, 2010


Here are some activities we are planning for our Ancient Egypt Unit Study. I made up lots of hands-on activities to bring to life this fun time period. Click on the links below the video to see how we did each activity. Watch the video to see even more ideas for bringing this time period to life:

Ancient Egypt Unit Study: Hands-on Activities

  • LEGO Ancient Egypt: Create a map of Egypt with LEGOs sprinkled with sand.
  • Cuneiform on Clay: Paint black on top of etched cuneiform on self-hardening clay.
  • Egypt Cookies: Bake cookies in the shape of Egypt, frosting blue with the Nile River and using crumbled Graham crackers for the Egyptian desert.
  • Hieroglyphs: Paint gold hieroglyphs on black card stock paper.
  • Drawing on Papyrus: Tips and tricks for drawing on real papyrus.
  • Sarcophagus Craft: Make pencil sketchings on a small hinged box, paint with metal paint, and put a mummy doll inside.
  • Mummy Dolls: Grab an ugly doll, strips of white cloth, cinnamon, and glue. Wrap your mummy.
  • Videos About Egypt: These are the library videos we liked and disliked about Ancient Egypt.
  • Sugar Cube Pyramids: Hot glue sugar cubes and throw sand on it.
  • Embossing: Ancient Egypt Craft: Make indentations on copper sheeting, and turn them into ornaments.
  • Egyptian Feast: Dress up like an Egyptian and taste the foods of Ancient Egypt.

For more Ancient Egypt hands-on ideas, join the Unit Study Treasure Vault!

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