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Cutting My Family’s Hair

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I’ve cut my children’s hair for years, not because I wanted to or because I was any good at it. No, I did it to save money. I bought a hair cutting kit back before I had kids, when I was working to put my husband through university. We were low on money, and whenever I cut my husband’s hair, he looked like a peanut.

As soon as my husband was out of school and got a real job, he didn’t want me to cut his hair any more. After all, he had to make an impression. He didn’t want to look goofy. Whenever I gave him a coupon for a hair cut, he would tell me, “If I’m going to get a bad haircut, you might as well do it.” Oddly, I wasn’t hurt. He was right. A cheaper place always cut his hair just as bad as I did, so why waste the money? His point was that he didn’t want to look goofy, so I haven’t criticized him for letting him get it cut at the mall. Once you find one person in particular who does it right, you end up going back to that person. That’s what my husband did.

Now as far as the children were concerned, I would always cut their hair, because who cares what they looked like? I homeschool, so it’s not like kids are going to make fun of them. However, I recommend having the children watch a video while you cut their hair, because otherwise if they start crying, they get hair in their eyes and mouth, and they start spitting. Suddenly there’s snot, and you just want the nightmare to be over with.

Of course, I’ve saved over a thousand dollars over the years, so I just hold on to that idea as I chop away with the scissors. For some reason the kids’ haircuts looked good most of the time. Or maybe after cutting hair hundreds of times, I was finally finding my groove.