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LEGO Portraits

Monday, May 11th, 2015


My son made some LEGO portraits of our family! He started with his dad. My husband has dark hair, a beard, and green eyes. So my son started with a green LEGO base, and he looked at the shape of my husband’s face. As you can see, the receding hairline is correctly portrayed by the white LEGOs for the face. Because brown LEGOs are scarce, my son used black LEGOs for the hair.


Next he made his mother. Just now I noticed that he made me with blue eyes instead of green. Oh, well. He got the red hair right, and you can definitely tell that the LEGO portrait is me. As you can tell in each portrait, the nose is a gray upside-down “T” to contrast against the white skin of the face.

I noticed that the faces of the children are not as elongated as the faces of the parents. The younger the children, the more rounded the faces. My oldest son has dark hair and green eyes, with a light moustache if he forgets to shave. Yes, my 14-year-old has a slight moustache.

My second son has lighter hair. When he was younger, it was blonde, which is represented by yellow. Everyone has a red smiley face because we’re all happy. That’s nice.

My third son parts his hair on the side, so you can see that the hair is a different hairstyle, which changes the way the LEGOs are arranged at the top of the forehead.

My daughter is blonde with blue eyes and has longer hair, which is shown at the bottom of the face. My son chose to give us all blue shirts.

It’s helpful if you can either look at the person while making the LEGO portrait, or look at a picture of the person so you can correctly shape all the colors of the LEGOs to correspond to what the person really looks like. I hope you enjoyed our LEGO portraits. Why not make some of your family?