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How to Decorate a Heart Shaped Box

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


If you’re wondering how to decorate a heart shaped box, I’m here to tell you that it’s quite easy. Buy an inexpensive cardboard heart shaped box at any craft supply store during the month of February, when heart shaped crafts abound in profusion, almost to the point of nausea.

how-to-decorate-a-heart-shaped-box-2Make sure you have pink paint, fake jewels, and heart stickers. You can also use pink feathers, tissue paper, ribbon, or any other pink craft embellishments.

Paint the box pink inside and out, and let it dry overnight. If the box is for a man, paint it red, because pink is a girl color and is awfully sissy for a man.

If you’re in a hurry to give the heart shaped box to the love of your life, and you have no time to let it dry overnight, grab a hair dryer and dry the paint. Don’t hold the hair dryer too close to the box, or you might set it on fire.

If you are a sensible person, you will let the paint dry overnight like I told you in the first place. The next day you can wake up bright and cheerful, have a nice cup of coffee, and proceed with decorating your heart shaped box.

how-to-decorate-a-heart-shaped-box-3Glue fake plastic jewels all the way around the edges of the top of the box. Use jewels that match the box. If you are using a pink box, use pink, white, and lavender jewels. Don’t use green and blue jewels on a light pink box, or it will look ugly.

Conversely, if you have a red box, use complimentary colors that don’t clash.

Glue ribbon around the rim of the lid, on the side of the lid. This will dress up the box. I didn’t think about this until after my daughter sent this box in the mail, so it was too late for us. But ribbon would really add some extra embellishment that would look awfully nice, like you went the extra mile.

My daughter filled this heart shaped box for her aunt (my sister), whom she loves very much. My daughter is constantly writing letters to her aunt, and she sometimes seals the envelope before I even know what’s in it. I know, she might be saying incriminating things, like the time I accidentally left her at the park. I had three kids in the car instead of four. Honestly, how come none of her three brothers told me she was missing? I mean, whose fault was that anyway? Ahem. Less than five minutes transpired before we realized that we were short by one child, and my husband went back to the park to get her. Sad, but true. These overworked homeschooling parents need a vacation. Go ahead and buy our products so that we can go on a much-needed vacation and avoid such mis-haps in the future.

Back to how to decorate a heart-shaped box: make sure to fill it with goodies. We baked home-made chocolate chip cookies, but you can fill it with chocolates or other fun stocking stuffers that you would put into the stocking of your loved one at Christmas time.

Then send it to your loved one, or hand it to them in person, saying, “I love you!” Hopefully they will not throw it on the ground and stomp on it. No… Hopefully they will open it and be delighted at your kindness and love, rewarding you with a big hug.