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Tips for Organizing a Shared Closet

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


How do you share a closet with one or two other people? How do you find enough space to hang everyone’s clothing? And how can you keep track of whose clothing is whose? These simple tips will help transform your closet nightmare into a usable space to store your children’s clothing.

Tips for Organizing a Shared Closet:

  • Use a different color hanger for each person. When choosing a color, don’t choose light blue and white, because they are too similar. Don’t choose dark blue and black for the same reason. Choose contrasting colors like black and white.
  • If all you have is boys sharing the closet, there is no reason for the bar to be so high. You can either have two bars, or put shelving underneath the bar for further storage.
  • Pare down to what you need to hang up. Don’t own a million clothes. Your children will never wear more than 10-20 outfits anyway. All the others will just sit there because they are too scratchy or ugly or ho-hum to your children. Ask your children which clothing they hate, and try to eliminate those to avoid tears when you’re hurrying your children up on Sunday mornings for church. (That’s all you need is for church people to twist their heads to gawk at your children’s tear-stained faces. Avoid this scenario. Get rid of unwanted clothing.)
  • If you have a suit, hang the pants, the shirt, the vest, the tie, and the jacket on one hanger. Get rid of all ties except for the best one for each suit.
  • If you get rid of most of your clothing that you never wear, you will have plenty of space to hang up sweaters, which take up way too much space in a drawer. Hang the sweater up with the turtleneck shirt you will wear under it. This makes it easier for your child to pull it out and wear it, rather than trying to hunt down the shirt that needs to go under it.
  • Put the long-sleeve shirts together, the short-sleeve shirts together, the sweaters together, and so on.
  • Have all the clothing facing one direction so that you can see the fronts of the shirts as you flick through them.

In this video, I show you tips on organizing a shared closet, so that you can see what I’m talking about:

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