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A Forgotten Recommendation Letter

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

recommendation-letterWhile filling out a Linked-In profile yesterday (to get more paid homeschool conference speaking gigs in faraway, exotic cities), I had to fill in a resume. Since I’ve been homeschooling since my children were born almost 12 years ago, I had to look through my files for an old resume, just to remember what it included. While shuffling through papers, I came across this recommendation letter from the principal of the school where I worked for 3 years. It brought a smile to my face:

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my sincere privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Susan Evans. Susan has been teaching three years at Rayzor, and is currently a fifth grade teacher. Her responsibilities now include teaching language arts. She has provided the children with a solid background in grammar and writing.

Susan brings a high level of enthusiasm for her subject matter to the school, and the children respond positively to her obvious love of the subject. She has helped them all become better writers and problem solvers. The last two years, Susan hosted a mystery day where the teachers are in costume, and the children go around the school following clues and using deductive reasoning skills to solve the mystery. They have had a great time!

Susan is willing to take on any task assigned to her, and she was the chairperson for the Spelling Bee this year. Other activities include coordinating two essay contests. She has a lot of energy, and always manages to get things done efficiently and thoroughly.

Our school is a bilingual/ESL campus serving children from many different home languages. Susan’s ability to communicate in Spanish to children and parents has been an asset to us. Susan is able to work with high risk students by providing understanding receptivity to the children, yet maintaining high academic standards.

Susan is a team player and is a member of a closely knit grade level. They plan well together and make joint decisions about what is best for a child. She gets along well with her peers.

I believe Susan will continue to be a wonderful teacher. I can recommend her highly, and would welcome any additional inquiries regarding her. Susan Evans is dedicated to the education of our children.

Aleta Atkinson