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Climbing Trees

Thursday, October 21st, 2010


My boys have enjoyed climbing trees ever since they were toddlers. Even my daughter is a little monkey. Because we live in Washington, most of our trees are pines and firs. I actually looked for good climbing trees for years before finding any. I finally found some great climbing trees at an arboretum. Oak trees are the best for climbing because their many branches are way low to the ground, making it easy for children to begin climbing.


When there are branches situated like staggered rungs on a ladder, this is also advantageous.


The fact that the child feels much higher up than he actually is, makes the child hang on tightly. The adrenaline causes the child to be careful, and it also clears the child’s mind, if you are homeschooling and they’ve hit a wall in a subject such as math. Plus, it’s just pure fun!


When is the last time you climbed trees with your kids? Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy tree climbing!