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Make Your Own Twig Frame

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Last summer I came across a book entitled Nature’s Art Box. While at a park one day, my kids and I picked up a large number of twigs of all sizes. When we got home, I asked my children to look through the book to see what art projects we could do with twigs. We found two simple twig art projects that looked really fun and relatively easy.

The first one was a twig frame. All we had to do was get a frame, plug in the hot glue gun, and glue the twigs onto the frame. My 6-year-old daughter enjoyed doing this activity, and the frame came out looking rustic and beautiful enough for a gift. (Click on the picture of the twig frame to look at it close-up.)


The second art activity we chose was a twig basket. We made a square of twigs and glued it together with hot glue. Then we continued putting twig squares until the basket was as high as we wanted it (or until we almost ran out of twigs; save enough twigs for the bottom of the basket). Then we hot glued twigs along the bottom of the basket. The twig basket was cute.