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Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

15th-wedding-anniversaryLast night Alan and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. When the waiter came to the table, he told us that he was about to get married in a couple of weeks. He turned to my husband and asked him what he needed to know to get to his 15th anniversary. “What is your secret?” he asked, and he was earnestly wanting to know. People who see my husband and I together notice that we are one and are comfortable with each other, act sweet with each other, and still have chemistry.

15th-wedding-anniversary-2My husband paused a moment before answering, “Love is an act of the will. If you believe that love is a feeling, you won’t last, because a few months into the marriage, you’ll be sick of each other. Feelings come and go.”

“And they deepen and get much better,” I added.

The waiter said, “I’ve never heard it said that way before.” He actually paused and stood there for a minute before finally taking our order.