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Painting From a Water Bucket

Thursday, August 26th, 2010


Painting from a water bucket is one activity that my children used to do when they were younger. They loved it, and there was no mess!

We got some regular paintbrushes for painting a house. (You probably have some lying around in your garage.) Pour water into a bucket, and voila!

Your children can start painting the shed or the side of the house. If it is a hot day in the summer, the “paint” will disappear quickly, but if you do it in spring or autumn, you can get almost a whole side of the shed looking dark before the water evaporates. Meanwhile, you can relax with a fun gardening magazine and watch your children enjoy themselves.

The water makes a better mark if the wall is darker, so try to find a darker wall in your backyard. Another thing you can do is take a chalkboard outside, and have your child paint that with a round, thick brush. The child could paint a simple picture. You could even paint a word and have your child read it before it magically disappears!