The Importance of Prayer

the-importance-of-prayerPeople from the Old Testament who walked with God “sought the Lord in prayer.” Ungodly people did not seek the Lord in prayer. I was aghast to realize that Scripture classifies people who seek the Lord in prayer as godly, and people who do not seek the Lord in prayer as evil. That just sends chills down my spine, because I don’t always seek the Lord in prayer.

Early Christians were devoted to the teaching of the Word and to prayer. Those were equals. So if you think that the teaching of the Word of God is important, then prayer is just as important.

Paul started all of his letters stating how he prayed for the people. He bursts into prayer in the middle of his letters. Paul was a man of prayer. He told the churches how different fellow workers were laboring in prayer with him, to give encouragement to the believers in those churches.

Jesus whipped people with righteous rage at the Temple because the priests were extorting the people and keeping them away from God. He screamed, “My House will be called a House of PRAYER!”

Jesus spent huge amounts of time praying to the Father. Why did God need to talk to God? It’s all about yielding. To glorify God maximally in our lives (which is the purpose of our existence and will give us the most joy), we have to know what God wants us to do. Jesus yielded His will to the Father to show us how it can be done. It is done though prayer.

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  1. Wow, I just found you in a most unusual way. I was reading a blog that someone posted a list of books to that I was directed to by The post you left was back in 2010! Obviously, God wanted me to find your blog. Thank you.

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