Venice, Italy

venice-italyThis is the fifth instalment of my “Nightmare Through Europe” series: Venice, Italy.

Riding a loud, crowded bus to Venice, I took a motorboat, then a short gondola ride to get to the city from the campsite. While I walked along the beautiful streets, I had terrible cramps. The world was distorted, and I nearly fainted. Someone from my tour helped me get to a pharmacy. I barely had time to swallow a pain killer before going to a glass-blowing and lace-making demonstration. I was semi-conscious as I lay doubled over on the floor, away from all the people.venice-italy-2 Someone asked me if I was okay, and I said, “No.”

After the demonstrations, I got some fresh air and felt stronger suddenly. Maybe the pain killer was taking effect. I toured St. Mark’s cathedral, the third largest cathedral in the world. The stained glass windows were breathtaking.

Since I was feeling better, I went on a lovely gondola cruise. It was lovely to see the city of Venice, Italy, by gondola! Seven of us piled into the gondola, to split the bill. I felt light-headed, as if I were in a dream. The liquid streets were romantic, and the Bridge of Sighs was picturesque. It was a pity not to be there as a married couple. To be there alone just seemed out of place. Two men opened the shutters of a window above us as we passed them. The entire city was exotic-looking. Some day I would love to go back.venice-italy-3venice-italy-4













Here is a beautiful video that will show you the best sights in Venice, Italy:

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