World’s Worst Stocking Stuffers

Here is a list of the world’s worst stocking stuffers:

  1. Rotten potato
  2. Fruitcake
  3. Dental floss
  4. Underwear
  5. Old sticks of gum that are stiff as a board
  6. Broken glass
  7. Rusty nails
  8. Cigarette butts
  9. Cow pies
  10. A lump of coal

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18 Responses to “World’s Worst Stocking Stuffers”

  1. renee says:

    rofl wow what a list lol

  2. Malea says:


    My brother used to be rotten from his birthday (Sept 23) up to Christmas. My parents kept threatening and threatening the lump of coal, but nothing they said changed his behavior. When he was maybe 6 or so, he woke on Christmas morning to a stocking with all the usual stuff but also with several rocks and a note saying, “Next year there won’t be any toys or candy, and it will be coal instead of rocks! Shape up!” He cried and cried and cried! But, guess what? Almost 25 years later, and he is still on his best behavior every year from his birthday to Christmas! LOL!

    Have you seen coal gum? I found it in the catalog from Uncommon Goods. My son was being a poo, and like with my brother, nothing I said to my son seemed to have any effect. So, that particular year (I think he was also 6), I ordered coal gum – basically it is regular gumballs but they are black. They come in a black box that has only the word “COAL” on it in big white letters. I put all his stocking stuff (toys, candy, some books) behind the couch, and I put the coal gum in his stocking with a note. The note explained why he was getting the “coal” and then said where to find his real stocking stuff. He was mortified! He cried so hard, and was so upset that he refused to look at his toys, candy, etc! It took several hours for him to calm down. I felt so bad! But, his behavior for the rest of the year really improved! LOL!

  3. varunner7 says:

    Well I don’t think I’d want any of those in my stocking! 🙂

  4. Ya had me at Fruitcake! lol

  5. Tina says:

    Hey, what is wrong with underwear in a stocking?

  6. bettyl says:

    That’s a list worthy of avoiding!

  7. So now you have to tell us how many of those you received! 🙂

  8. I put underwear in a couple of stockings this year! I like to do fun holiday boxers for the boys.

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