Amoeba Cake


Amoeba cake?! You’ve got to be kidding me! That doesn’t sound very appetizing… But my son wants to be a microbiologist, so guess what kind of cake I made him for his birthday this year? You guessed it: Amoeba cake.

Before I explain how to decorate the cake, look at the cool invitation we made for his amoeba birthday party:


How to Decorate an Amoeba Cake:

  1. Bake a rectangle cake. Make it whatever flavor you want.
  2. Cut a piece of cardboard larger than the cake and cover it with foil, taping down the edges underneath.
  3. Sprinkle flour on a cutting board. Grab the rectangle cake while it is still hot and up-end it onto the cutting board. With a knife, cut the rectangle into an amoeba shape.
  4. Pick up the cake and place it on the foiled cardboard. Put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two.
  5. Stir some blue food coloring into the white vanilla icing. Ice the cake.
  6. Grab some candy to represent the organelles, and decorate the Amoeba cake. We used a peppermint patty for the nucleus, round mints for the contractile vacuoles which pump water out of the cell, and M&M’s for the food vacuoles.
  7. We outlined the cake with chocolate frosting. You can do this cheaply by putting the frosting into a Ziplock bag, and snipping off the corner. Then squeeze the frosting out like toothpaste.

amoeba-boxYour Amoeba cake is now complete and ready to eat! Enjoy!

As a side note, my daughter made an amoeba box out of construction paper and tape, with an amoeba colored on the outside of the box. She created some bookmarks for her brother’s birthday and put them inside the box. Isn’t the box cute?

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12 Responses to “Amoeba Cake”

  1. That cake is adorable and looks delicious. Take a bite for me!

  2. Nolie says:

    That is an original cake. Great for the science lovers.

  3. This is such a fun project. I remember when my teenie bopper did this project at school. It was a nice way to learn all bout the parts and function she was studying.

  4. Gena Livings says:

    I love it!! How fun and creative!!!
    Healthy blessings,

    • Susan says:

      The kids really did have a ball with this amoeba theme! We had a DVD of amoebas moving around, that we took from our live amoebas that we ordered in the mail!

  5. Julie says:

    What a creative cake! I hope it tasted good too? I don’t think amoebae would taste that good;)

  6. I love the creativity and making something that really matters to the person who is celebrating their B-Day :).

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