Why Support a Missionary?

why-support-a-missionaryWhy should you support a missionary? Why should you suffer financially to make a monthly commit- ment to a specific missionary family, to support them over the years?

First of all, Jesus commands all of us to “go and make disciples of all the nations.” (Matthew 28:19) If you financially support a missionary, you are enabling that missionary to preach the gospel to the unsaved in foreign lands, and that evangelism is attributed to you and counted as what you are doing for the Lord. There are many people who want to preach the gospel to the nations but don’t have the financial backing to do so because we as Americans love to live in luxury and in self-indulgence. (James 5:5)

Secondly, what we do with our finances reflects what we value. Let’s get our finances in order so that we can give more to the work of the Lord, to work that matters for eternity. If God were to look at your checkbook (or credit card bill), He would instantly see where your heart is. But of course God knows where your heart is already.

Thirdly, do you realize that you have a direct impact for Christ through the lives of those missionaries, and that you are rewarded for eternity for giving to them? Paul says that you participate in the gospel when you do that. (II Corinthians 9:13) Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy. (Matthew 6:20)

But the most important reason to support a missionary is for prayer. Yes, prayer. You heard that right. When you personally suffer financially to support a missionary every month, you have a personal stake in what happens in that missionary’s life. When my life is directly connected to a missionary, I’m more likely to pray. I don’t want my family to suffer financially if that missionary is not accomplishing anything for the Lord. If I fail to pray for that missionary family, they will be much less effective. When I pray fervently, God promises to answer. (James 5:16)

When missionaries go overseas and do not have prayer cover, this is worse than not having enough food to eat. Pastors and missionaries are attacked more spiritually because when they fall, many people fall. Please pray for your missionaries daily. If you don’t, who will? And the lukewarm prayers of the people whose lives aren’t as invested in the outcome aren’t as effective as the prayers of those who financially hurt each month to put food on the table for a missionary to be able to serve the Lord full time. For this reason my husband and I feel strongly about supporting missionaries, and we will continue to support missionaries each month. My heart is interwoven with their ministries.

I found a list of missionaries who translate the Bible into foreign languages of people groups who don’t have the Bible in their language. Here is the list: Wycliffe Bible Translators. Having grown up as a missionary kid, I can personally attest to the trustworthiness of this mission. What is more important than saving lost souls while delivering the Bible in their language for the first time, so that they can grow spiritually?

To keep up with news about missions and missionary kids: Missionary Kid Facebook Page

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14 Responses to “Why Support a Missionary?”

  1. “What we do with our finances reflects what we value.” How so very true! And when we’re hesitant to use our money to support God’s work, we have to ask ourselves what idols we’ve placed before God.

    • Susan says:

      Yes! So many times people will be trying to build their own empire, continuously improving their house or buying more and more objects. Or entertainment eats it all up. When we understand that God owns our money, it should cause us to pause and consider what we should do with it, if we have more than what we need for our basic needs.

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you for the ways we can support our missionaries! We sometimes forget about them, but they need us helping them so they can get more souls for heaven.

  3. Melissa says:

    This makes so much sense – “Pastors and missionaries are attacked more spiritually because when they fall, many people fall.” Satan tries to attack anywhere good is happening. Thank you for this reminder and motivation to support a missionary!

  4. Heather Hart says:

    My husband was born in Beruit, Lebanon as a Missionary Kid, so this hits so close to home for me. We still have several friends who are missionaries and appreciate you sharing why it’s important to support them.

  5. Alice Mills says:

    Wycliffe is one of my favorite ministries as well. I feel their work is so crucial and the stories that come out of their organization are overwhelming and life-changing.

  6. I know that I feel more personally invested in the missionary’s work when I give financially even though we only give a little bit. Giving helps me remember to pray, too.

  7. Absolutely! Right now, we are only financially supporting one missionary. I’m glad you pointed out how important it is to pray over these families. I often forget to pray as I give. Thank you for that VERY important reminder!

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