Biology Comedy Show

biology-comedy-show-1As the culminating activity for our year of high school biology, we decided to do a fun and corny Biology Comedy Show. We performed it during my son’s amoeba birthday party. You can take a look at the amoeba cake we ate, the live amoebas we looked at through the microscope, and the Lego bacteria my son put together.

My husband put up a green screen behind our Biology Comedy Show, so that we could superimpose some amoeba footage that my son had captured earlier. The whole family was involved in the show. You will hear sounds from the audience who was watching, especially during the charades section of the show, where my son acted out various topics from biology. The whole show is less than five minutes, even though it took us a year to accumulate all the jokes.


If you enjoyed this comedy show, I recommend you go watch our other corny comedy show: Ancient Rome Comedy Show. We performed it years ago when my kids were younger.

If you are a homeschooling family who is studying biology, I highly recommend joining the Unit Study Treasure Vault, which has tons of biology videos in it. I filmed everything we did for our high school biology in our family, and I show you how to modify the topics for younger siblings to enjoy.

biology-comedy-show-4 biology-comedy-show-3

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8 Responses to “Biology Comedy Show”

  1. Ann Edwards says:

    Susan, I am home schooling my 8 year old grand daughter and would like to start using the idea of projects with her- by that I mean selecting a topic and making notebooks (I’ve heard them called lap or lab books????- you can see I know very little about them as I don’t even know what to call them! LOL), drawing pictures, filling in captions, etc. Is there somewhere I can go for directions and/or templates to use? any websites that you like? ANN EDWARDS

  2. Adelien Tan says:

    It looks really funny, indeed. Cannot imagine how the amoeba cake looks like. LOL

  3. Susan W says:

    This is so much fun! Have to admit, I was kind of dreading teaching my kids high school biology, but you have certainly shown us how to make it interesting — I know my kids would learn a lot this way too.

    Thanks so much for linking up at Finishing Strong!

  4. Eva Varga says:

    Susan!! This is awesome! I love the creativity .. what a fun project!!

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