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Our Family Muppet Show

Monday, March 20th, 2017


My dad bought my kids four Muppet Show puppets for Christmas, so we decided to make our own family Muppet Show! Of course, we starred Susan Evans (yours truly) as the guest. My son Nathaniel practiced Kermit the Frog’s voice and did a great job with introducing each segment!

We had to watch the introduction to the Muppet Show to figure out how to dance the female puppets across the stage and have them turn their heads abruptly to the right. The male puppets came in from the left, pumping up and down. It was hard to do this without showing my sons’ arms, but you’ll smile anyway.

Without further ado, here is our show:

My son Stephen was in charge of writing most of the script, and he played the part of Fozzy Bear. My son Bryan played the part of Animal, who had a segment where he was pounding on the piano to catch the mouse puppet that was a running gag in several sketches.

My son Bryan did the Swedish chef scene. He had to watch several episodes to get the general sounds and motions for the Swedish chef, but my kids did a great job with cracking an egg into a pan and having a quail come out. My son Nathaniel was working the arms while Bryan was working the puppet and saying the words.


My daughter played Miss Piggy, of course, and she had a solo to sing: “What a Cold and Cruel World.” In case you didn’t hear all the words, this is what she sang with her best Miss Piggy voice:

I see Kermit who’s green, my love, too;
I see him turn his back on me and you.
And I think to myself, what a cold and cruel world;
And I think to myself, what a cold and cruel world.


As you can see, we had to pin a tissue to her arm so she could blow her nose throughout the song.

Homeschool organization guru Susan Evans began giving some organization advice when Miss Piggy (and later a mouse!) interfered with her demonstrations.


We had such a fun time! Who knew it would be so fun to put on a Muppet Show?

Biology Comedy Show

Monday, January 20th, 2014

biology-comedy-show-1As the culminating activity for our year of high school biology, we decided to do a fun and corny Biology Comedy Show. We performed it during my son’s amoeba birthday party. You can take a look at the amoeba cake we ate, the live amoebas we looked at through the microscope, and the Lego bacteria my son put together.

My husband put up a green screen behind our Biology Comedy Show, so that we could superimpose some amoeba footage that my son had captured earlier. The whole family was involved in the show. You will hear sounds from the audience who was watching, especially during the charades section of the show, where my son acted out various topics from biology. The whole show is less than five minutes, even though it took us a year to accumulate all the jokes.


If you enjoyed this comedy show, I recommend you go watch our other corny comedy show: Ancient Rome Comedy Show. We performed it years ago when my kids were younger.

If you are a homeschooling family who is studying biology, I highly recommend joining the Unit Study Treasure Vault, which has tons of biology videos in it. I filmed everything we did for our high school biology in our family, and I show you how to modify the topics for younger siblings to enjoy.

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