One fun summer activity that is refreshing is boating. Boat rentals aren’t always expensive, depending on where you are. If you know someone who has a boat, you don’t even need to spend any money. Zooming around on a lake, or just floating in a canoe can take your mind off your normal routine and help you to relax with nature. If you choose a raft with oars, a paddle boat, a kayak, or a canoe, you can also get some exercise, which will clear your mind as well. Being out in the sunshine and fresh air is sure to invigorate you.

My sister once gave us a raft, which we inflate every year when we go to camp. Make sure you have life vests. If you buy them used at yard sales and Goodwill, test them out by seeing if they will hold you up in the water before you strap the life vest onto your kid. I’ve found good life vests for as little as $1 at yard sales.


When you go out with a child or two, it’s a good bonding experience for your family. The children feel like they are on an adventure. Make sure your children have sunblock on. I’ve sometimes forgotten, and the kids come home with sunburns.

Last year my husband taught my oldest son how to have control over a canoe. My son was able to steer it, paddle it, and turn it around. So my son was able to learn a skill as he was out on the water. The fewer people that are around, the more tranquil it will seem. You can even go fishing over the side of the boat.

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