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A Day at the Lake

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


Yesterday we spent a day at the lake. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the kids played in the warm sand and splashed around in the water. Alan took a half day off work, and we just sat on the beach. It was nice to just sit and do nothing.


The kids made sculptures using the sand, sticks, and seaweed. They dug for water, and then they decided to bury their little brother, who actually wanted to be buried in the sand. He giggled as the sand was built up around him.


Another one of my sons enjoyed playing with the mud that was made by the wet sand. I wonder if beach sand could work as a mud treatment? If so, I should have had my kids dump mud on me, since I already felt relaxed, as if I were at a spa. Instead, I mostly just watched my kids play, or I lay down on a towel to rest while listening to the sounds of the water lapping on the shore. It was certainly a relaxing day at the lake…



Swim Lessons

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


One of the most crucial skills for a child to learn is how to swim. If a boat overturns or some other accident occurs around water, you want your children to at least be able to get to the surface of the water and tread water so that they can stay alive. I don’t know how many times I’ve had nightmares about my children drowning, especially after my daughter nearly died at age one. I had to empty a large amount of water out of her lungs before she could breathe again.

For this reason I feel that it is important for children to learn how to swim. Swim lessons can be expensive, and if you have young kids ages 2-7, I have some simple activities they can do in the bathtub to be ready for more advanced swim lessons. Once they have done those activities, they can learn to move both legs and arms to stay afloat in a doggie paddle. When they can tread water for a couple of seconds, keep increasing the time as they stay in one place. If they can tread water in place for 60 seconds, they are ready to tread water all the way across the swimming pool. I always provided some form of reward for my child to swim across the pool for the first time, treading water. Children feel proud of their accomplishment when they are able to go the entire length of the pool.


After they are able to tread water, they are ready for proper swimming. The child can hold on to the side of the pool and kick his feet while not bending his legs. While swimming properly, the child’s feet should never go out of the water, so splashing isn’t supposed to happen. The child can use a floating board to hold on to while going across the pool, focusing only on feet being straight while kicking under the water. Next, the child adds dunking the face in, and breathing to the side while holding the paddle board. The reason you need the paddle board is that the child can’t focus on three things at the same time: the feet, the breathing, and the arms. The child needs to perfect each skill until it comes naturally, so that the child can focus on the next skill.

It helps to have the swim instructor swim right in front of the child while the child watches. The shoulders are supposed to come out of the water, and each stroke should reach as far to the front as possible. After that, the elbow is supposed to bend up, then back. One of my sons kept curving when he swam because his right arm was stronger than his left arm. He needed to try to stroke evenly with each arm to swim straight. Also, keeping the head dipped continuously is hard for some children, but this can be overcome while doing exercises in the bath tub, where the child feels safe.

For more information on easy swim lessons for the bath tub: Bath Time Fun: 49 Ideas for Homeschoolers.

Volleyball Water Balloon Toss

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012


What is a volleyball water balloon toss? It is lots of fun, so let me tell you how we played it. During a church picnic one summer, people of all ages grabbed beach towels. You needed two people to hold each towel, and there were four teams of two on each side of the volleyball net. One of the men grabbed a water balloon out of a large bucket, which was full of water balloons. He placed the water balloon in the middle of a beach towel.

Now they had to toss the water balloon over the volleyball net, and the people on the other side tried to catch it in their beach towels. If they caught it, the balloon usually didn’t break, so they tossed it right back over the net. If you missed, you got wet, but since it was so hot outside, it felt refreshing.


Water Balloon Toss

Monday, June 11th, 2012


Have you ever played water balloon toss with your kids? If you haven’t, this is a fun activity that your whole family will enjoy on a hot summer day.

Cut off the bottom part of a couple of milk jugs. (I stab a sharp knife into it, then get kitchen shears to cut all the way around.) Make sure you’ve rinsed out the milk jugs. Now these are your scoopers to catch the water balloons.


Fill up some water balloons. The more the better, but you’ll have to quit whenever your fingers can’t tie another balloon because they hurt so badly. Then yell to your kids to shut off the water hose and stop bringing you filled water balloons, because your fingers are numb. But it’s all worth it.

Toss the water balloons and catch them in the milk jugs. Yes, if you catch them right, they won’t burst. If you miss, of course, the balloon will splat water on your feet, so make sure you’re barefoot on some cool green grass.


If you don’t want to sacrifice your fingers to hurt for the sake of your kids having fun, then grab a wiffle ball. Throw the wiffle ball around, catching it in the milk jug. It’s not as fun as the water balloon toss, but it’s easier to catch.