Chinese Lantern Festival


My family attended a super cool Chinese lantern festival here in Spokane, Washington. Since the people that put on these shows travel from city to city, you could easily find a Chinese lantern festival in a city near you to attend this year, if you wanted this cultural experience.


Since I’m a multicultural person myself, I enjoyed taking my children to see the artistic designs of paper and cloth lanterns of various vibrant colors, lighting up the night.


The two peacocks were probably the most detailed of all the lanterns. They were standing in the midst of red roses.


The panda bear display was also spectacular. The bears were hanging in a bamboo forest, which was like a backdrop for the scene.


Beautiful orange flowers glowed against the dark night sky. They were enormous!


Several Chinese warriors lined one side of the path. Their faces, headdresses, and clothing shone in bright colors. My family walked along a dirt path as we saw this whole Chinese lantern display, which was almost like walking through a city. It also reminded me of driving to see Christmas lights, but way more magnificent.


Several arched walkways were lit up thematically. This blue one had flowers and swirls. We felt like we were walking down a tunnel.


This was my favorite display–a lot of beautiful paper Chinese globe lanterns. Looking up, you get lost in the beauty of the paper umbrellas and lanterns. My entire family loved this cultural experience!

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20 Responses to “Chinese Lantern Festival”

  1. Julie says:

    This looks like a wonder to the eyes! How beautiful, I bet the kids liked it! Thank you for sharing these great pictures!

  2. Mother of 3 says:

    Wow! Those are amazing! My guys would go nuts for the panda bears.

  3. Jennifer Coe says:

    Oh my gosh! These pictures are stunning! I wish they did something like this around here!

  4. Emily says:

    This looks so fun! A great way to get out and spend time together as a family while seeing some beautiful displays!

  5. Those looks so beautiful! I’m especially loving the panda bears!

  6. melissa :) says:

    That last picture makes me want to stop and just take it in for a while – I can only imagine seeing that in person! šŸ™‚

  7. Melissa says:

    Such a beautiful display. My kids would have loved the pandas but I agree I like the last picture with the floral paper lanterns. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  8. Alice Mills says:

    Those are gorgeous photographs. They are just lovely and what a great way to celebrate one of the best parts of an ancient (and current) culture!

  9. BEAUTIFUL! We have never been to a festival like this before! My Littles would love to witness this one day! My favorite are the peacocks! <3

  10. Kristi says:

    That would be beautiful to see. Iā€™m sure our whole family we enjoy it!

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