Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017


These popular blog posts include spiritual posts, hands-on learning activities, travel adventures, and themed cakes. The ages range from early childhood to high school.

My top ten most popular blog posts from 2017:

Cool Themed Cakes:

  • Dry Ice Volcano Cake: Watch this active volcano erupt with rolling smoke!
  • Army Tank Cake: This is the most awesome cake ever for boys. It came out even better than I envisioned, and we lit a sparkler at the front of the tank.

Hands-on Learning for High School:

Hands-on Learning for Early Childhood

Travel Posts

  • Our Guatemala Adventure: God provided miraculously for us to visit the land of my childhood. My family had the opportunity to meet our Compassion child. Enjoy the virtual tours of a jungle, a castle, a boat ride, and zip-lining!

Spiritual Posts

I wrote two exciting series this year, with accompanying videos for each. As the days grow darker spiritually, we need to know who we are in Christ and how the enemy works:

  • 31 Days to Regaining Your Identity: Know who you are in Christ. You are accepted, loved, forgiven, valuable, wanted, honored, and rejoiced over!
  • Unmasking the Enemy Series: One of the reasons the enemy wreaks so much destruction in our lives is that we don’t recognize his work and disarm it. This series shows you how to overcome the enemy by unmasking his tactics.

My Favorite Post (bonus)

  • Our Family Muppet Show: One of my favorite shows growing up was The Muppet Show. My dad bought my kids some Muppet puppets, so we performed our own show, including the Swedish chef, a music number by Miss Piggy, and various humorous scenes.

And there you have it! Those were my most popular blog posts from 2017. If you missed any of them, now you have a chance to see the ones that really resonated with my readers!

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26 Responses to “Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017”

  1. Heather Hart says:

    Thanks for sharing your most popular posts. I remember reading many of them, but I missed that dry ice volcano cake and it was seriously cool.

  2. Melissa says:

    I have loved so many of your homeschooling and hands-on activity posts! The 31 days of regaining your identity series were also such great reminders of who we are in God.

    • Susan says:

      Thanks! The 31 Days to Regaining Your Identity was a beautiful series, as God was teaching me each topic, one by one, to bring about healing in my own life.

  3. Jess says:

    Thanks for sharing your popular posts! The dry volcano post was a fun one to read and I hope to do that with my son when he gets older:)

  4. Julie says:

    So many great posts, Susan! What a blessing that you got to take your family back to your childhood home in Guatemala!
    Can’t wait to see what posts you have planned for 2018!

  5. Dominika says:

    The highlight of your blogging year looks great. Happy new year there.

  6. Sarah says:

    You post about a wide variety of topics! Thanks for sharing your life with the world!

    • Susan says:

      I should probably have my Christian living posts on a different website than my homeschooling posts, but I don’t want to manage two blogs.

  7. Sasha says:

    What a fun idea! I love seeing these top posts of the year. I can’t wait to read your Guatemala Adventure post! Sounds so exciting!

  8. Alice Mills says:

    Thank you for the list. So many excellent posts. I believe I have read them all!

  9. Maryann says:

    Thanks for a year in review. I am new to your blog so it is fun to look back at your popular and favorite posts.

  10. Kay says:

    Love all you posts, but the Muppet Show was one of my favorites too!

  11. Kristi says:

    You’ve had many great posts. I especially liked the Unmasking the Enemy series.

  12. I just absolutely love your blog! The details that go into each article, as well as the time and love of each activity, truly is inspiring. I’ve bookmarked so many ideas for when we have little blessings come along! <3 Thank you for sharing with us.

  13. What a great roundup! I too missed the dry ice volcano cake! I will have to check that out! It sounds way too cool to miss!! 🙂 (pun intended)

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