Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #12: Dolls and Pillows


We are counting all the creative ways to use cookie cutters, and we are on #12: Dolls and Pillows! Some cookie cutters lend themselves well to make a felt doll. The gingerbread man cookie cutter is fabulous for this toy. Trace around the cookie cutter on two pieces of brown felt. Cut them out. Decorate the gingerbread man by sewing on button eyes, a red smile stitched on with thread, and three buttons down the front.

Get some filler, either a cotton-like substance, or the scraps of felt that were left over from the brown felt. Stitch the entire gingerbread man, except for one arm. Then put the stuffing into the doll and stitch it shut. This pillow took me 30 minutes only because I was trying to find two matching buttons for the eyes.

This is a perfect simple sewing craft for a child to make, since the stitches just go up and down (a straight stitch). You can also make a pillow from any other shape of cookie cutter. A star pillow would be fun for the Fourth of July, and a maple leaf pillow would be good for the autumn. A clover pillow would be perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. Smaller pillows make great pin cushions, or they can be used as pillows for dolls.

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2 Responses to “Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #12: Dolls and Pillows”

  1. Hi Susan I think this is such a wonderful idea!!! I especially love the Ginger Bread man, he looks so cute he reminds me of the story of “The Ginger Bread Man” he looks just like him.
    What age would you suggest this activity for late three year olds or early four and up?

    • Susan says:

      The age depends on the person, if the child is capable of sewing. I’ve had 3-year-old’s sewing crafts like this, but some children might not have the hand-eye coordination. I start be using a blunt needle on an easier project first, like a sewing card. Then they can move on to something like this.

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