Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #14: Scrapbooking


What are some other creative ways to use cookie cutters? How about scrapbooking? When you need a specific shape for your pictures, you can slap down the picture, grab a cookie cutter of the desired shape, and trace around the cookie cutter. Cut out the picture, and stick it to the scrapbooking page with double-sided acid-free tape.

I traced around the cookie cutter with an acid-free marker so that each star was outlined with black before even attaching it to the page.

“But, Susan, I don’t scrapbook, so what’s the use for me to know this?” Well, I’m glad you asked, because there are many variations on this scrapbooking theme. First of all, you could do a photo collage on one piece of scrapbooking paper and frame it as a gift.

Another idea is to make a card. Outline the shape of a cookie cutter on a photo, and glue it to some card stock paper folded in half, and you’ve made yourself a greeting card. Take a look at the simple birthday invitations I made for my daughter’s upcoming “Secret Garden” birthday. All I did was glue some pretty flower paper to the front of the card, and I outlined down the sides with black marker. Super easy and beautiful!



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4 Responses to “Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #14: Scrapbooking”

  1. Love it! Who would have thought!?!? Well, obviously you did. LoL! Brilliant use of a cookie cutter 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Such a great idea, I’ve never thought of using a cookie cutter like that!

  3. This is a genius idea. I always try to trace the shape onto my images and fail everytime. This would work so much better.

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