Goofy & Fun Decorated Ornaments

decorated-ornamentsWe’ve been transforming our plain Christmas ball ornaments into unique decorated ornaments that are fun to look at. Some turned out really goofy! I took out my craft supplies, and the kids started making faces with google eyes and beards. I’ve never seen this before, and it looked so funny that my husband had a good laugh. My daughter wanted to wrap a ball in a glittery cloth that had ripped off one of her tutus. We tied a ribbon onto the top of it, and it looked great. Next, my daughter wanted to put fake jewels all over a ball. I put dots of hot glue, and she glued each jewel down. My husband said it looked like a disco ball.

My goofy son hot glued a large eyeball to one ornament. It looked funny, like someone was looking at you, perhaps an alien with one eye. We also put swirls of white school glue on some red balls, and shook some gold glitter on them, and they looked quite good. Someone even made a happy face out of glue, shook sprinkles on it, and hung it to dry on the tree. We loved our decorated ornaments that reflected our children’s personalities!


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3 Responses to “Goofy & Fun Decorated Ornaments”

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    What a great idea. They were very creative:)

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