Fill Your Own Ornament


Fill your own ornament, and make your Christmas tree unique! Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

#1 Confetti


First of all, you can simply fill a clear ornament with confetti. Easy and beautiful.

(Actually, the first thing my husband and I thought of to put into a clear ornament is water and a live fish swimming around. But the ornament would be too heavy and not have enough air for the fish to breathe…)

#2 Sand Scene


Put sand and a lizard in it. You could also have sand and seashells that fit through the hole on the top.

#3 Patriotic Theme


This is my patriotic one. It has gold star confetti on the bottom, and a spray of red and blue. It’s one of those fancy toothpick thingies, with the toothpick clipped off with a pair of big shears.

#4 Pom Poms


My daughter decided to fill hers with small pom poms.

#5 Rock Salt Snow Scene


If you put rock salt into it, it looks like snow. Then add a sprig of evergreen, and it would look lovely. Or throw in random objects like my son did, almost like an I Spy scene.

How to Fill Your Own Ornaments

Here we are, throwing the confetti into the clear ornament, just free hand. That’s because my other son was using the funnel to put dirt into his ornament. Yes, dirt.


Here is the son with the dirt. Then he threw a plastic centipede into the dirt, and it looked disgusting. We decided to grab the tweezers, pull the centipede out, and dump the dirt out. We washed it with warm water and let it dry before starting over.


This is what the clear ornaments look like in the store.


Here are the filled-up ornaments. They were easy and fun. Avert your eyes away from the one filled with dirt; it was nasty and disgusting. Oh, and of course, we cracked one. I thought they were plastic, but no. They were made of glass.


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16 Responses to “Fill Your Own Ornament”

  1. Ooooh, these are lovely Susan! I especially like the confetti and pompom filled ornaments!

    Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Stacie says:

    I love the examples that you shared. I think my favorite is the confetti one. The kids and I did clear glass ornaments with acrylic paint swirled in them. Might have to go and get some more this weekend and try a couple of these.

  3. This is such a great idea Susan! We did something similar for our tree this year.

  4. Julie says:

    I would love to see the live fish in an ornament:)
    Great ideas and little ones could help with it!

  5. We do this almost every year… we fill them with special treasures from the year and write the year on the globe!

  6. How Fun! We are always looking for fun Christmas crafts to do as a family!

  7. Amy Hagerup says:

    What a fun and easy project to do with kids and each one can do their own thing. Brilliant.

  8. Emma says:

    Could I also do this with plastic ones? If so could you send me a link for plastic ones?

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