Fringe Benefits of Shepherding Your Wife

shepherding-your-wifeSince I have the men’s attention (from the previous article, “What a Man Can Do to Lead His Wife Spiritually”) I’m going to say something that is going to cause everyone to gasp. But this topic is clean and pure, and I want Christian marriages to be mind-blowingly good. There is a direct correlation between shepherding your wife spiritually and better intimacy.

When my husband prays with me or does anything that causes me to draw closer to God, I think he’s hot, and I want him. I’m not joking. Every Christian woman I’ve spoken to about this has said that they are highly physically attracted to their husbands when their husbands lead them spiritually.

While I’m on the subject of intimacy, I would like to mention to the women that I have an audio workshop that explains the secret of incredible intimacy with my husband. It’s only 5 minutes out of the one-hour audio “Relieving Stress and Tension,” which is hands-down the most spiritually powerful workshop I’ve ever delivered. A lot of spiritual warfare surrounded the recording of this audio, and the only copy was almost deleted by someone. I was 40 minutes late to the online workshop, so I went off the air but kept recording right where I talked about my daughter nearly drowning, and how that experience showed me how to trust God. I got so many e-mails from that workshop, and the next day I was doing rape counseling 3 hours over the phone. I’m just saying that the hand of God is on this audio, and I would love for you to listen to it.

Men, stay out. This is not for you. I am speaking directly to the women.

When you yield to God completely with everything in your being, you can translate that over to your husband. Do you realize how happy your husband will be when you do that? And you’ll be obeying God, too. Your whole marriage will be sweet. Please buy the audio.

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  1. Pamela says:

    You are so right, Susan. I love that you have resources available for teaching. I’ll certainly be recommending it.

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