Homeschooling Reluctant Writers #8: Ideal Summer Vacation

Homeschooling Reluctant Writers
A series of 10 fun writing assignments given by a pirate)

Aaaaarrggghh! This is Dread Pirate Susan Evans here to give you ideas for homeschooling reluctant writers.

ideal-summer-vacationWriting Idea #8: Ideal Summer Vacation

  • You can plan your ideal summer vacation any time of year. Grab a sheet of paper and write a full page of what your ideal summer vacation would be. For example:
    • Would you go to the ocean? (Look at ocean pictures and describe why it’s so calming to you.)
    • Or perhaps hike through a forest to a waterfall? (Describe the waterfall.)
    • Or maybe you just want to go to a lake and go swimming, build sand castles, and float on a big ol’ rafty thing that looks like a banana. (You can come up with other ideas, like traveling to Europe!)

I’m sure you can come up with some plans for your ideal summer vacation. This is Dread Pirate Susan Evans, signing off. Aaaaarrggghhh!

Calling all homeschooled kids! I dare you to make a video response to this pirate video on YouTube:

  • Plan your ideal summer vacation. You can look at brochures from your local tourist office, or just make something up out of your head.
  • Write a full page description of your ideal summer vacation.
  • Read your description  into a video camera, and upload it to YouTube.
  • Go to the above video on YouTube, and press “video response.”
  • I am automatically notified when someone posts a video response. After watching it, I will embed it right here on this page!

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4 Responses to “Homeschooling Reluctant Writers #8: Ideal Summer Vacation”

  1. Anne says:

    These prompts are so fun. It is so important to get kids excited about writing. Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

  2. Thara says:

    I love your pirate writing prompt. I like to give all of my pupils weekly writing exercises in order to teach them how to write properly. I feel that this is a life skill worth saving. And it works. My early years students are learning how to write letters and their name in colourful sand. My year one children have written short thank you notes and stated their own opinion in writing. My year two pupils have created mini character profiles and prepared recommendation sheets.

    My year three sets have made reviews, or articles on historical events. My year four groups helped me create a advert and accounts of museum trips. My year five youngsters rewrote a play and poems about life by the sea. My year six classes did a essay based on life in the nineteen fifties. They have also worked on a two page article on the movie Grease. We have also adapted Christmas poems, and held writing competitions that have a theme. Our writing competitions are fun and spark real interest.

    Next week I am hoping my year six sets will rise to the challenge of writing a article about a Disney movie of their own choice. My plan is to write the names of Disney movies on slips of paper and pull them out of a bucket or hat. Each member of the class will have the task of writing a interesting piece to inspire me to watch the movie at home on my own. This is going to be a whole class effort and a fun competition at the same time. I think that it will work best that way.

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