LEGO Playground


One of my sons made a LEGO playground. It turned out really cool! He made a water slide, a swing set, a picnic table, and a merry-go-round.

He started with a green LEGO base, and he built a water slide. He made a ladder out of red LEGOs, and the sliding part was made out of blue LEGOs that looked like steps that curled around. The swimming pool was made out of two different shades of blue.


Next my son made a swing set. He made this out of red LEGOs. The swing itself was a “U” shape, and it was stuck to the top bar. There were four LEGO legs to the swing set in an upside-down “V” shape.


Next he built a merry-go-round. He placed a spinner LEGO on the bottom so that he could spin it around freely. The gray piece was on the bottom, and four fence pieces made up the rails.


You can also make a picnic bench out of brown LEGOs. Now you can enjoy your LEGO playground!

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4 Responses to “LEGO Playground”

  1. LOVE! Your son is so creative!

  2. Fun! We don’t see very many of the merry go rounds any more. We have *one* that I know of here, in a city with like 30 parks.

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