Jacob’s Life in LEGO


When you are teaching the life of Jacob to your kids, why not make different scenes of Jacob’s life in LEGO? The first fun scene to create would be when Jacob makes lentil stew and Esau sells his birthright for the stew. Shortly thereafter, Jacob fools his father Isaac to give him the firstborn blessing, too. His mother was in on the plot, making some delicious stew for Isaac. Make a room out of white LEGOs and put a LEGO man in it to represent blind Isaac. (We found a LEGO man with sunglasses, which my son used to indicate that he was blind.)


Put the food on a tray and carry it in to Isaac. Meanwhile Esau is coming around the corner and will be very upset to find out his blessing has been stolen!


Jacob fled to his relative Laban’s house to get away from Esau’s wrath. So the next scene can be pens with sheep. One pen has speckled sheep and the other pen has white sheep. The speckled sheep are Jacob’s, and the white sheep are Laban’s. (see top picture)

You can easily make a stairway to heaven by making stairs out of white LEGOs and putting a man lying down at the foot of the stairway. If you want to have angels coming up and down, you can. Otherwise the stairway can be empty.

wrestling-with-angel-legoYou can make a scene of Jacob wrestling with the angel of the Lord, where Jacob’s hip was dislocated. Jacob wrestled until the angel of the Lord blessed him.

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