New Jerusalem Model


When you teach your children about heaven, why not build a beautiful New Jerusalem model? Read the book of Revelation, chapters 21 and 22. (These are great chapters to read to believers who are about to die. I’ve seen these words help them to endure the passing over from death to life.)

The first item you will need is a square mirror. You can buy it at a craft supply store. This will be your base. Cut corrugated cardboard for the 4 walls, and spray paint them gold. (The walls are actually jasper, which can be a variety of colors, including a golden yellow.)

You can buy scrapbooking paper that shimmers like a pearl. Cut 12 gates out of this white pearl paper. (You can also use regular white paper.) There are 3 doors on each side of the city, and since each door is a pearl, they need to be slightly rounded at the edges.

For the throne, you can form a chair out of white self-hardening clay. Let it dry overnight. Then spray paint it gold.

For the city buildings, I used small wooden blocks from a craft store. I used wood glue to connect two blocks together for the taller buildings. I spray painted those gold.

For the river, I cut shimmering blue scrapbooking paper in a wavy line, the width of the throne. I lay that on top of the mirror. The streets of the city are pure gold–transparent–which is why I used a mirror.

I bought toy railroad trees, which I interspersed around the city, with the most important tree coming out of the river. This is the Tree of Life, whose leaves bring healing to the nations.

The video tutorial for this New Jerusalem model will be in the Unit Study Treasure Vault, where I have a gigantic Bible section. God has given me limitless creative ideas for how to teach the Word of God to children, and He prompted me to start the Unit Study Treasure Vault for homeschoolers. But anybody can join. It contains thousands of hands-on learning activities, and I add new exclusive videos every month!

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  1. You have the best ideas! My 6 year old even came to look at your picture and when I explained to him what it was he said, “Let’s do that!” 🙂 Another pinnable post! Thank you, Susan!

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