Reading Through the Bible


My 10-year-old son just finished reading through the Bible on his own. It took him eight months to complete the entire Bible. He colored in a square for each chapter that he read. We sometimes would talk about what he was reading. He had a deep desire to read God’s Word on his own.

Now my 9-year-old son has started reading the Bible. He’s only been reading for about two months. A week ago when I was pouring myself some coffee, my son shouted, “I love Leviticus! It is my favorite book! Besides Revelation, I mean.”

“Why do you like it so much?” I asked.

“All the chapters about leprosy are so interesting!”

Go figure. My son thinks leprosy is interesting. I walked off with my coffee, totally perplexed.

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4 Responses to “Reading Through the Bible”

  1. I don’t know many people that have read through the Bible at ten! I had a similar experience when I found my daughter reading her Bible. I asked her why and she replied, “I love the book of Matthew!” I’m so glad I can homeschool!

  2. Amanda says:

    I’d love to know where you got the printable, or is it something you made? My children could really use something like that.

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