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Bible Notebook

Friday, August 5th, 2016


Today I will show you how to put together a Bible notebook with your children. These notebooks are great for homeschooling your children for Bible class. You can also use these binders for Sunday School or for any other purpose, such as a personal Bible notebook for you as a parent.

Video Demonstration of our Bible Notebooks

Here is a video demonstration where I show you what we included in our Bible notebooks:

Sections to Include in a Bible Notebook


We divided the notebook into seven sections:

  1. Scripture memory: Print out the Scriptures that you want your children to memorize. You can use their AWANA verses from church, or have them memorize a verse to overcome specific sin in their lives. Psalm 23 and the Lord’s prayer are good places to start.
  2. Narrations: These are summaries of different stories from the Bible. Your child re-tells the story, trying to remember as many details as possible.You can print out notebook pages with pictures online, or just use regular notebook paper.


3. Hymns: These are the great hymns of the faith, like “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Have your kids learn the songs. You can find the hymns and sing along with the YouTube videos. Your children can write out the words on a notebook sheet of paper, looking at a hymn book for the printed words of each song.


4. Character: Define a character quality and ask God to help you grow in that quality. Write down ways that you show that quality throughout the day.

5. Drawings: Draw pictures of different Bible stories, choosing a scene that stands out in your mind. To see each of my children’s drawings, check out my series: 31 Days of Drawing through the Bible.


6. Time Line: Find a Bible time line printable or make up your own time line, drawing pictures to represent each Bible story. The one we used was from {affiliate link} Reproducible Maps, Charts, TimeLines, & Illustrations.


7. Maps & Charts: Color maps from Scripture stories. Print out charts outlining each book of the Bible. We used the ones from the same book where we got the time line. You can have an 8th section with the outlines of each book of the Bible, and the 7th section can be for maps and charts contained inside different stories from Scripture. (Watch the video above to see how we put together the notebook sections.)


Decorating Your Bible Notebook


Make sure to buy a binder that has a clear pocket in the front so that you can insert a decorated card stock paper into it for a beautiful cover. Print out the words “Bible Notebook” from your computer printer, and cut out the words and glue them to the cover page. Decorate it in any way you wish. We snapped a photo of an open Bible with our reading plan to decorate the front.


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I & II Thessalonians Unit Study

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016


We had a great time filming our I & II Thessalonians Unit Study. We re-enacted lots of skits, referred to a map of Thessalonica, and baked a cake to represent the Day of the Lord.

When looking at the overview for I & II Thessalonians, we saw that one of the main themes was the Day of the Lord. We filmed Jesus and an archangel up on a chair holding some clouds while the archangel blew the shofar, the Jewish trumpet. The dead in Christ rise first to meet the Lord in the air, so we had a black gravestone made out of black poster board. One of my sons floated up out of the gravestone to meet the Lord in the air. You see him in the clouds with Jesus and the archangel.


We looked at a map of where Thessalonica was located, which is in Macedonia north of Greece. I have a beautiful biblical map that a woman from my mom’s church gave her. It was created with markers on a large piece of felt. You can easily look in the back of your Bible to find a map of Paul’s missionary journeys, and you will find where the city is located.


We acted out various skits to bring to life the topics discussed in these two letters from Paul to the Thessalonians:

  • If you don’t work, neither shall you eat. (Give bread to the one that is working, but don’t let the lazy person have any bread.)
  • While saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction comes. (Throw lots of couch pillows on an unsuspecting person.)
  • Admonish the unruly. (An out-of-control person gets scolded.)
  • Encourage the fainthearted. (When someone is sad, give them a hug.)
  • Help the weak. (Help an elderly man walk across the street.)
  • Be patient with all men. (Have a kid sit in a chair while people around him are being annoying. Have him sit patiently, as pictured above.)
  • Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks. (Act out each of these commands.)


We also make a cake that represented the Day of the Lord. It is a cloud shape with white frosting. A trumpet shaped by chocolate frosting is on the top. This was the culminating activity for our I & II Thessalonians Unit Study.

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Resurrection Cake

Monday, March 14th, 2016


Why not make a resurrection cake to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter? It’s super easy to make. First you will want to bake a cake of any flavor. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting to represent dirt. Grab some Kit Kat chocolate bars, or similar cookies or chocolates that you can break apart to form crosses. I tried to stand them up, but unless you glue the pieces of the cross together, it will fall apart. It’s simpler just to lay them down.

A piece of Kit Kat fell apart on the counter, and it looked like the sign that would have been above the cross of Jesus, the one that would have said, “King of the Jews.” So I glued it with chocolate frosting to the top of the center cross.

I bought a package of chocolate Ding Dongs, and I used one for the tomb, setting it on its side. I used a white powdered doughnut for the rolled-away stone. Your cake is ready to serve!

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Fiery Furnace Cake

Monday, February 8th, 2016


When reading the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego in the book of Daniel, why not make a Fiery Furnace cake to bring the story to life? I baked a rectangular cake and frosted it with chocolate icing. Then I tinted some white vanilla frosting with red food coloring. I placed a circle of red icing in the middle of the cake.

We cut flame shapes of fruit roll-ups and stood them on end into the red icing. (Make sure you buy the roll-ups in red, orange, or yellow.) If you want to make the flames more rigid, you can choose to not remove the paper backing. But be sure to warn the people eating the cake that the paper is still on.

Of course, you will need to add three LEGO figures, or you can use toy people from any other building set. You will want to have a fourth LEGO figure as well.

Now light some candles, so that you see actual fire coming from the fiery furnace. Red, orange, or yellow candles would be perfect. Turn out the lights and set those candles on fire. When you blow out the flames, place the fourth figure (Jesus) into the furnace. Then turn on the lights. At this point you can tell the children that God saved the lives of these three men, and that He was with them in the midst of the fire. In the same way in our lives, God is with us in the midst of our suffering, and He will bring us through it.