Resurrection Cake


Why not make a resurrection cake to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter? It’s super easy to make. First you will want to bake a cake of any flavor. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting to represent dirt. Grab some Kit Kat chocolate bars, or similar cookies or chocolates that you can break apart to form crosses. I tried to stand them up, but unless you glue the pieces of the cross together, it will fall apart. It’s simpler just to lay them down.

A piece of Kit Kat fell apart on the counter, and it looked like the sign that would have been above the cross of Jesus, the one that would have said, “King of the Jews.” So I glued it with chocolate frosting to the top of the center cross.

I bought a package of chocolate Ding Dongs, and I used one for the tomb, setting it on its side. I used a white powdered doughnut for the rolled-away stone. Your cake is ready to serve!

If you are looking for more on the resurrection of Jesus, take a look at these fun hands-on activities:

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  1. Andrea says:

    OMG I’m already watering at the sight of this!

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