Sugar Cube Pyramids


When we studied pyramids, we read several books about how pyramids were built. The children wrote a paragraph or two about pyramids to add to their Ancient Egypt notebooks. While the blocks were out, the kids decided to build a step pyramid. Then the kids all insisted that they wanted to make sugar cube pyramids.

I had never bought sugar cubes before. I can’t believe I spent $8 for two boxes of sugar cubes. I asked my kids how badly they wanted to make pyramids out of sugar cubes, and they said, “Very badly,” which is why I got them.

The children glued their pyramids together with Elmer’s glue, but the pyramids didn’t stay together. The smaller ones stayed stuck together, but the larger the pyramid, the more it fell apart. Before it was a complete catastrophe, I poured sand over the sugar cube pyramids, and they looked much more dramatic and beautiful.


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6 Responses to “Sugar Cube Pyramids”

  1. Chelanne says:

    Awesome pyramids! We also make sugar cube pyramids. It took me several stores to find them! It was a fun activity.

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks! What surprised me the most was that I just couldn’t believe how expensive the sugar cubes were!

  3. Tina says:

    I want to do this with my youngest.If sugar cubes are too much I may have him try Legos,we have a ton of those.

    • Susan Evans says:

      Legos would actually be better because they interlock. If you use white Legos on the outside, you could pour sand over it, and it would look almost the same as the sugar cube pyramid.

  4. Erin says:

    I can’t believe how much you paid for sugar cubes. We just found them at Walmart and Meijer for $1.50/box (198 cubes in each box). We bought 3 boxes for ours. Looking forward to getting started!

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