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Hebrew Alphabet and Acrostic

Sunday, October 13th, 2013


My children learned the Hebrew alphabet and made a beautiful poster with each of the Hebrew letters illuminated. We also made index cards for each letter, practicing the sounds of the letters. It’s fun to listen to Hebrew being spoken.

For the poster, you will need a large white poster board, markers or crayons, and a pencil. You can look up the Hebrew alphabet online. My friend Evonne Mandella sells lots of inexpensive Hebrew materials for teaching your children. I used her materials to teach my own children, and we loved her humor and exuberance in teaching the language.

When we studied Psalm 119, the longest Psalm, we realized that the Psalm was an acrostic, with the Word of God described with each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. You can do this same activity with your kids by writing the English alphabet and coming up with a word or phrase that describes the Word of God. The psalmist David loved the Word of God with such intensity that he created this beautiful piece of music to describe the Word of God. I wish I could hear Psalm 119 the way it was sung by David!


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