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Rebuttal to a Beth Moore Basher

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

rebuttal-to-a-beth-moore-basherI listened to 16 minutes of this man‘s venom towards Beth Moore. I was going to listen to the whole one-hour show, to see if anything he had to say had validity. But the condescending, contemptuous way he referred to his fellow believer in Christ was sin. If he is sinning, he is not walking by the Spirit. If he is not walking by the Spirit, nothing he has to say is worthwhile, especially if he’s trying to make a spiritual point.

I have no idea if I agree or disagree with the theology of Beth Moore, but no two people on this earth will agree about everything. That doesn’t mean she’s Satan. She’s not. Last January I took her study on the book of James, and it was excellent. I grew spiritually. I saw nothing that was theologically incorrect, and my father is a seminary professor with a doctorate in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. I’ve had a solid foundation of Scriptural training in the Christian schools that I attended as a missionary kid, and I’ve spent thousands of hours in the Word of God. None of this is boasting. I live with my face smashed in the dust because God is everything and I am nothing. What I’m saying is that Beth Moore wasn’t off in her theology in her study of the book of James, which is the only one I’ve done so far.

The radio show host began by bashing the person who introduced Beth Moore. He paused the man half-sentence and twisted his words. The man (who introduced her) said that his confidence came from God, but the radio show host said that he had his confidence in himself. If the radio show host can’t even hear a clear sentence, his pompous, puffed-up heart has plugged ears from the get-go.

Then he starts reading long reams of Scripture without telling us why. He says that we can’t memorize a Scripture verse without in essence memorizing the whole chapter. This is ludicrous. And, by the way, it’s ironic, because Beth Moore memorized the entire book of James and encouraged each of us women to do the same during the one Bible study I took. Sheez.

He also bashes her as a preacher. For heaven’s sake, she teaches WOMEN. No man can be offended by a woman who teaches women, no matter what you believe is Scriptural. This radio show host was prideful, smug, and critical of someone who has a deep spiritual walk with God and is having a powerful impact on women across the nation, causing the women to repent of sin and draw closer to God. I’m going to pray that this man repents of HIS sin.

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Okay, I’ve listened up to the 36-minute mark, which is all that I could stand. He mentions confidence as sin. (Beth Moore said, and I quote, “confidence in God.” She never said her confidence came from outside of God, but that she was discouraged and felt incapacitated for the work that God had called her to do.) I will address this in Part 2: Confidence vs. Self-Esteem.