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Bible Reading Chart (Free PDF)

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014


This free Bible reading chart can be helpful as you are reading through the Bible, to see how much progress you are making. I like visual ones that have boxes for each chapter, so that you can color in the boxes as you go. My husband created this chart to help you as you read through the Bible this year:

My husband and I are attending a small group Bible study from our church, and we are reading through the Bible. Even though my husband and I have read through the Bible many times, we’ve never read the entire Bible with each other as a couple before. It’s fun taking turns reading to each other and commenting on what we are reading. Simply reading the Bible can draw couples closer together spiritually, especially when you pray together as a couple. (Exception: the dry genealogies–you might want to play those on audio off your cell phone, so you don’t have to figure out how to say all those names! My husband sets his cell phone on the coffee table, and we listen to a free Bible app.)

Depending on what you are going through in your life, different things will pop out at you. Since I’ve been teaching about prayer this past year, every verse about prayer seems to pop out at me. I’m surprised by how many times fasting is connected to prayer, as I never noticed that before.

Other times I’ve been convicted of specific sins while reading the Bible. My eyes have been opened to all the verses about anger, and what results from it.

Reading through the entire Bible in one year will help you get a sweeping panorama of history and how God has worked throughout the ages, to give you a more complete picture of God.