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Expectations Cause Disappointment

Monday, February 7th, 2011

expectations-cause-disappointmentOn Valentines Day, men are pressured to get flowers that wilt, chocolate that makes you fat, or diamonds that you can’t afford. Men are put in a stressful situation by their wives, who pressure their men to be romantic (read sappy and girly). Plus, they have to be creative and do something they’ve never done before, and they need to top what they did last year. What an unkind thing for women to do to their men. I say, let’s abolish Valentines Day, for the sake of our men.

Many unhappy married women that I know are deeply disappointed in their husbands. They think their husbands are lame because they don’t think like a girl, and they lack respect for their men. There is no way for the man to do anything right when they’re in this position. (By the way, you are not immune to your marriage being destroyed just because you’re a Christian and you homeschool. Far from it; Satan will attack you more, so you need to work harder on your marriage, not take it for granted. I feel so strongly about this because I have wept over destroyed marriages from dear friends of mine who never thought it would happen to them.)

Most women think they deserve gifts. Nobody deserves anything. Until women realize that they have a man who loves them, they should realize that they already have everything they ever wanted. Love. That’s it. If you have it, be done. Be content. Stop expecting things. If you expect too much from your husband, you will always be disappointed.

Let go of Valentines Day. Instead, be a help meet to your husband. Give him what he wants. Don’t think of yourself at all. This is the way to find true joy, and to have a man that actually cherishes you.