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Ezekiel’s Scroll

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


When you are studying the book of Ezekiel with your kids, why not make Ezekiel’s scroll? God commanded Ezekiel to eat the scroll, so we are going to make this scroll craft edible. You will need a soft wheat tortilla, 2 bamboo skewers, scissors, and some honey. Cut the top and bottom off the tortilla with a pair of scissors. Snap the bamboo skewers to the right size, depending on how big your tortilla is.


Now thread the skewers in and out of the tortilla on either side. Spread some honey on the inside of the tortilla. In Psalm 19:10, David says that God’s Word is sweeter than honey. This is a great illustration for children, so that they can taste how sweet the Word of God is.


You can roll up the two sides if you want to close the scroll. Make sure the tortilla is not stale, or this will not work. I suppose that if you put a stale tortilla into the microwave, it might not break when you are rolling it. Otherwise buy the tortillas on the same day you make this project.


In Ezekiel chapter 2, God tells Ezekiel to eat the scroll, and inside the scroll is lamentations, mourning, and woe because the people of Israel are rebellious. Nine times God says that the people are rebellious, stubborn, and obstinate. Then God shows Ezekiel visions of the end times. He also sees visions of heaven that are glorious. Ezekiel is my favorite book of the Old Testament because of these heavenly visions.

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