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Bible Costume in Five Minutes

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Bible-Costume-in-Five-MinutesHere is a short video demonstrating how to make a Bible costume in five minutes with no sewing. (This video has over 292K views!) The costume is versatile and can be used in many different time periods.

You will need an old white bed sheet, a pair of cloth shears, and a bottle of fabric glue. You will also want a rope to use as a belt.

Fold the sheet in half. The top is where the fold is. You can have a person lie down on top of it to make sure the tunic is long enough. If not, you might want to use a queen-sized sheet or a king-sized sheet. Now cut the sheet into a T-shape. I give you a trick in the video that will help you make sure the sleeves are even.

Use fabric glue to paste the lower part of the sleeves together, and the sides of the tunic. Then cut a neck hole in the top. Throw the finished Bible costume over a chair to dry overnight. Enjoy wearing your Bible costume for limitless plays and skits to bring Scripture to life for audiences everywhere!



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