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Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #10: Jello Shapes

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


Strangely, when you are looking for creative ways to use cookie cutters, you think of things you wouldn’t normally think of. It is a mental exercise, and it helps to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s, later on in life when you become an old geezer. And speaking of geezers, today’s cookie cutter idea is jello shapes. Jello jiggles and makes everyone happy, from toddlers to the elderly, even if they are wearing dentures.

Make jello according to the box directions. This usually is one cup of hot water, then stir. Then one cup of cold water, then stir. Jello is not that hard to make. Throw in one or two packets of Knox powder, to make the jello stiff. You also want to choose a pyrex dish that will give you the desired thickness for your jello–a larger pan for thinner pieces, and a smaller pan for thicker pieces.

Make the jello several hours before you intend to cut it. Then take it out of the refrigerator once it’s hardened, and press your cookie cutter into the jello. Pick up the shapes and place them on a plate. Walk into a room with people in it, and serve your fancy jello shapes to them. Watch their eyes light up.