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Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #10: Jello Shapes

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


Strangely, when you are looking for creative ways to use cookie cutters, you think of things you wouldn’t normally think of. It is a mental exercise, and it helps to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s, later on in life when you become an old geezer. And speaking of geezers, today’s cookie cutter idea is jello shapes. Jello jiggles and makes everyone happy, from toddlers to the elderly, even if they are wearing dentures.

Make jello according to the box directions. This usually is one cup of hot water, then stir. Then one cup of cold water, then stir. Jello is not that hard to make. Throw in one or two packets of Knox powder, to make the jello stiff. You also want to choose a pyrex dish that will give you the desired thickness for your jello–a larger pan for thinner pieces, and a smaller pan for thicker pieces.

Make the jello several hours before you intend to cut it. Then take it out of the refrigerator once it’s hardened, and press your cookie cutter into the jello. Pick up the shapes and place them on a plate. Walk into a room with people in it, and serve your fancy jello shapes to them. Watch their eyes light up.


Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #8: Gift Bags

Monday, April 29th, 2013


Gift bags are another one of the many creative ways to use cookie cutters, and the recipients of your gifts will enjoy getting their gift in a unique bag.

You will need the following items:

  • white paper gift bag (at craft supply stores)
  • spray paint (in whatever color you want)
  • colorful tissue paper
  • white computer paper
  • cookie cutter, of course!

Grab a pencil and trace around a cookie cutter on a sheet of paper. Then stack several squares of paper under it before cutting it out, so that you only need to cut out the figure once.

Using sticky tack, white tape, or blue painter’s tape, stick the cut-out shapes all over your white gift bag. Now grab your spray paint and spray the bag. Let it dry overnight.

In the morning, remove the figures, and you have your finished gift bag. Add color-coordinated tissue paper to the bag to make it look lovely, keeping in mind the favorite colors of the recipient of your gift. Don’t forget to load the gift into the bag before adding the tissue paper!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of “Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters.” Hint: The next idea has a Mexican flavor.

Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #4: Tissue Paper Art

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


Have you thought of other creative ways to use cookie cutters? Today we will look at how to make tissue paper art using cookie cutters. A flower cookie cutter lends itself well to being shaped into a flower. I just cut out a stack of 4 hot pink flower shapes, stabbed a pipe cleaner through it, and fluffed the petals. That’s it. The daffodil was formed out of two pieces of yellow tissue paper, one flat and the other one pointing outwards. I got a lid of a coke bottle and put it into the middle of the daffodil, folding the tissue paper into a cup. Super easy.

If you have other shapes of cookie cutters, you can make a tissue paper stained glass window. Start with a light color of tissue paper, like light pink, peach, or yellow. Cut the large sheet of tissue paper into a vertical rectangle with a pointed top, like a cathedral window. Tape the tissue paper to the window. Then use your cookie cutter as a stencil to make colorful shapes to glue onto the larger piece of tissue paper. This is especially beautiful with a maple leaf cookie cutter with orange, red, and brown tissue paper leaves against a yellow background. Enjoy your stained glass window.

Next up in our blog series: Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #5. Hint: This was my son’s idea. We tried it one way, failed, then modified the wonderful breakfast idea until it worked!

Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #2: Shape Books

Saturday, April 20th, 2013


This is the second idea in the blog series “Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters.” This time we are making a shape book. If you have younger kids, these shape books can encourage your young writers to write fun stories, descriptions, or summaries. For example, a child can draw (or cut out a small picture from a magazine) and describe a different flower on each page of her flower book.

Or your son could summarize the storybook, The Gingerbread Man. Each page can explain a part of the story where the gingerbread man kept telling each character that he couldn’t be caught. He is gobbled up by a fox at the end of the story, so the concluding shape book page can be funny, with cookie crumbs all over it and a fox licking his chops.

creative-ways-to-use-cookie-cutters-3Grab a card stock paper for your front and back covers, and using the cookie cutter as a stencil, use a pencil to trace around the inside of the cookie cutter. Do this to both pieces, and cut them out. Now use the card stock shape as a stencil, cutting a stack of 3-4 sheets of blank paper at a time, to make this process go faster. You can make the book as thick as you want, as long as the staples will go through it. Staple the book all the way through on the side or on the top. Two staples will make the book more sturdy than one staple, but I decided to staple the top of the gingerbread man with one staple through the top of the head, and it was fine.

Now give these cute books to your sweet, dear children. If you don’t have any children, give them away to a Sunday School class at church, for prizes. You can make a shape book of a lamb, and tell the story about how Christ came to earth to be our sacrificial lamb.

Stay tuned for “Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #3.” Hint: This next idea will come in handy at your next tea party.