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Baby Moses Pulled Out of Nile

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


When we studied the story of Moses being pulled out of the Nile River by the Egyptian princess, my daughter wanted to be the Egyptian princess. Since I traveled to Egypt before I had kids, I had a real Egyptian costume. I used some face paint my husband had bought for $2 the day after Halloween several years ago when we had a circus birthday party. I wasn’t sure if the face paint was going to be old or hard as a rock, but it wasn’t. It worked perfectly.

I asked my son Bryan to design the Nile River, so he grabbed all the blue blankets in the house. He started by making a waterfall off the couch, then had the river meander through the living room.

We wrapped Rachel’s doll in a blanket and placed it in a basket in the river. We pretended to seal it with pitch before the baby went in, or pretend water would have leaked into the basket, and fake baby Moses would have been drowned. The princess heard the crying and walked over to retrieve the baby out of the river. For some reason she looked like she was dumping the baby into the river. “No, you’re taking the baby out, not putting the baby in! You feel sorry for the baby and want to raise the baby as your own son.”

Here are the pictures of the retrieval of Moses out of the Nile River by the beautiful Egyptian princess. If I had more daughters, I would have put a girl behind the potted plant in the corner, since the sister of Moses came out and offered to get a wet nurse for the baby. Instead, we just talked about it, since I didn’t want my boys playing a girl part.



Sombrero Fun

Monday, September 6th, 2010

While studying the country of Mexico, we dressed up like traditional Mexicans and snapped pictures of our sombrero fun:

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