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Hands-on Learning Pinterest Boards

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


These are my top 5 Hands-on Learning Pinterest Boards:

1. Homeschooling Bible

This Pinterest board is full of hands-on ideas for teaching the Bible to your children. My popular 31 Days of Bible Crafts caused this board to soar because of all the original ideas that were gorgeous and do-able. Most of the projects are super easy, and the ones that take longer are worth it. To bring Scripture to life for your children will bring them delight in God’s Word!

2. Ancient Egypt Unit Study  This Pinterest board has lots of fun ideas for teaching Ancient Egypt to your kids. You can make your own mummy and sarcophagus using an inexpensive hinged box, a small doll, and some white strips of cloth. Play games, make hieroglyphs, create a simple Egyptian costume, build sugar cube pyramids with sand on them, and emboss some Egyptian art onto metal. Look at a list of fun DVD’s about Egypt that you can find at your local library. And create an Egyptian feast as a culminating activity for your study!

3. Homeschooling Geography

This Pinterest board is a joy to me because I traveled the world before I was married, so I have seen a lot of places. I have a Travel board, too, if you want to see where I’ve been. (I grew up in Guatemala and have another board about that!) But this Homeschooling Geography board is specifically for hands-on geography ideas for your kids to understand world cultures and geography. I show you different ways to learn about maps: cookie maps, 3-D maps with clay in blue water, and home-made puzzle maps. Cut an orange to understand hemispheres. Learn about the culture of France through various hands-on activities. And learn how to use coins to teach about geography!

4. Organization for Homeschoolers  I love to organize, and this board is stuffed with ideas on how to organize everything in your home! Organize each room in your house. After that, you can organize your closets, your art supplies, your car, your shoes, your games, and your paper clutter. Organize your homeschool space through nature displays, science learning centers, and other educational displays. Then organize your time through scheduling, goal-setting, and prioritizing what is important.

5. Spring Activities for Kids 

I have a fun hands-on board for each season, and because Spring is around the corner, here are some super fun activities you can do with your kids to enjoy this season. Throw tea parties, create fun hats, do some gardening, visit your local botanical gardens, go kite flying, and make a pop bottle bird feeder. Use fun cookie cutters in 17 creative ways, including jam tarts, sandwiches, dolls and pillows, soap, jello, and pancakes. Have fun this spring with your kids!

Each of these boards is packed full of ideas for incorporating hands-on learning into your home. And the fun part of it is that they are all bookmarked visually!

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