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Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #9: Quesadillas

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Wouldn’t you love to delight your children with delicious quesadillas shaped by cookie cutters? Yes. Your children will smile when you pile these onto a plate. You might even be able to sneak in tiny amounts of vegetables without them noticing, because they are so everjoyed by the happy-looking lunch in front of them.

You will obviously need flour tortillas and cheddar cheese. You can experiment with different kinds of cheese. Throw small bits of ham into the quesadilla, and maybe tiny bits of tomato, green or red bell pepper, or scallions. Mushrooms are delicious as well.

Make the quesadillas first, before shaping them with the cookie cutter. You can do this in the microwave or in the skillet. It tastes way better when fried in a skillet with olive oil. Set a flour tortilla on a plate. Grate the cheese and throw in whatever else you want on top of the tortilla, making the filling evenly spread. Top with another tortilla. Place the uncooked quesadilla into the frying pan and fry both sides. When golden brown, place on a cutting board and cut out shapes with your cookie cutter.

If you’re a tired mom and you just want to make the quesadilla in the microwave, you can do that. I’ve got to say it’s easier to cut with cookie cutters because the quesadilla is softer. Use the kitchen scissors to make your edges sharper if the edges aren’t clear. Also, if you cut around the cookie cutter with a knife, the process is easier.

Now serve these delicious quesadillas with salsa or Ranch dressing for dipping. Enjoy!

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