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Our Family Muppet Show

Monday, March 20th, 2017


My dad bought my kids four Muppet Show puppets for Christmas, so we decided to make our own family Muppet Show! Of course, we starred Susan Evans (yours truly) as the guest. My son Nathaniel practiced Kermit the Frog’s voice and did a great job with introducing each segment!

We had to watch the introduction to the Muppet Show to figure out how to dance the female puppets across the stage and have them turn their heads abruptly to the right. The male puppets came in from the left, pumping up and down. It was hard to do this without showing my sons’ arms, but you’ll smile anyway.

Without further ado, here is our show:

My son Stephen was in charge of writing most of the script, and he played the part of Fozzy Bear. My son Bryan played the part of Animal, who had a segment where he was pounding on the piano to catch the mouse puppet that was a running gag in several sketches.

My son Bryan did the Swedish chef scene. He had to watch several episodes to get the general sounds and motions for the Swedish chef, but my kids did a great job with cracking an egg into a pan and having a quail come out. My son Nathaniel was working the arms while Bryan was working the puppet and saying the words.


My daughter played Miss Piggy, of course, and she had a solo to sing: “What a Cold and Cruel World.” In case you didn’t hear all the words, this is what she sang with her best Miss Piggy voice:

I see Kermit who’s green, my love, too;
I see him turn his back on me and you.
And I think to myself, what a cold and cruel world;
And I think to myself, what a cold and cruel world.


As you can see, we had to pin a tissue to her arm so she could blow her nose throughout the song.

Homeschool organization guru Susan Evans began giving some organization advice when Miss Piggy (and later a mouse!) interfered with her demonstrations.


We had such a fun time! Who knew it would be so fun to put on a Muppet Show?

Mime Act for Kids

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Here is a mime act for kids that is super fun for entertaining audiences. My son was only 7 years old when he performed it! He taught himself how to do each act.

Here are the mime act ideas and how to do them:

  1. mime-act-for-kidsTrapped in a Box: Pat the air around you on four sides, as if you were in a box. Stiffen your hand when you hit the side of the imaginary box. You can open the lid and jump out of the box. Then push the imaginary box out of the way for the next act.
  2. The Stairs: Pretend you’re walking down the stairs, squatting down lower and lower as you go. This is a fun one to do behind a sofa so the audience doesn’t see your legs. You can climb back up the stairs if you want.
  3. The Elevator: Turn your back to the audience and push the imaginary button of the elevator. After waiting, get into the elevator and turn around. Press the inside elevator button. Now go down as smoothly as you can, bending your knees and squatting down low. If you want, you can come back up the elevator.
  4. Rowing a Boat: Stand with your body facing to the side. Pretend you are rowing a boat with an oar. When the current pushes your canoe backwards, try desperately to row your boat against the strong current. Or you can row around a lake in an oval shape, rowing back and forth. Don’t forget to lose your balance and fall into the water with an imaginary splash.
  5. The Fish: Make your mouth small, like you’re puckering up for a kiss. With both arms bent at your sides, swish your fingers back and forth like the fins of a fish. Swim around the room.
  6. Old Man: Hunch over and hold onto a cane. Wobble your cane and tremble as you walk, shaking your head as well.
  7. The Rope: An imaginary rope is hanging from side to side in front of you. Grab onto it with both hands, pulling yourself across the rope little by little.
  8. The Car: Open the door of the car and get in. Sit down and shut the door. Let off the break, put your keys in the ignition, and put your hands on the steering wheel. Start driving the car. Wave to the audience as you pass by. When you’re finished with your ride, get out of the car and shut the door.
  9. The Motorcycle: Sit down on the motorcycle and hold onto the handle bars. pull the right handlebar backwards several times to start the engine. Ride your motorcycle around the room. Try to do some tricks on your motorcycle, like taking the front wheel off the ground.
  10. The Bullfighter: Grab an imaginary red cloth and wave it in front of the bull. When the bull runs toward you, lift up the cloth into the air. Then turn your back to the audience and do it again. Try it from different angles.
  11. Building a Sand Castle: Sit on the ground and start filling your bucket with sand, using an imaginary shovel. When the bucket is full, turn the bucket upside-down, and whack it on the ground. Gently lift the bucket up, and admire your beautiful sand castle. Make another one.
  12. The Slide: Climb up the ladder of the slide, reaching up for each rung of the ladder with your hands. Once at the top, slide down the slide. Slide down the spiral slide, holding onto the sides and becoming lower and lower.
  13. The Monkey Bars: Grab onto the bar with one hand, then grab onto the next bar with the other hand, and continue until you have crossed the monkey bars. Turn around and cross the monkey bars from the other direction. Jump off at the end.
  14. Sliding Down a Pole: Grab an imaginary pole. Now turn around and around, making sure to squat down lower and lower as you slide down the pole.
  15. The Carousel: Get on the carousel, and hold onto the pole. Go up and down, making sure to continue holding on to the pole. Go in circles, and wave to the audience as you pass by.

If you enjoyed this video where my son did his cute mime acts, go to YouTube and “Like” it! My son is deliriously happy every time he sees another person enjoyed his act!