Volleyball Water Balloon Toss


What is a volleyball water balloon toss? It is lots of fun, so let me tell you how we played it. During a church picnic one summer, people of all ages grabbed beach towels. You needed two people to hold each towel, and there were four teams of two on each side of the volleyball net. One of the men grabbed a water balloon out of a large bucket, which was full of water balloons. He placed the water balloon in the middle of a beach towel.

Now they had to toss the water balloon over the volleyball net, and the people on the other side tried to catch it in their beach towels. If they caught it, the balloon usually didn’t break, so they tossed it right back over the net. If you missed, you got wet, but since it was so hot outside, it felt refreshing.


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  1. momto8blog says:

    oh my gosh…I want you at my parties!!! between the coscto milk jugs and this game I hit gold with your blog posts!!

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